aluminum panels for walls Using Pre-made Glass Block Panels For a Shower Wall Or Partition

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Creating a beautiful glass block wall shower or partition in a home or commercial building no longer requires a senior mason contractor or tile setting.Start together-The feel design steps and the process of prefabricated glass panels have been greatly reduced to those that do not handle this type of project on a daily basis.Learn 5 1/2 practical steps to move you away from the initial design concept with a successful glass block wall installation.Step 1 -Make sure where to use the wall -?One of the benefits of the block wall is its durability,strength,and thickness.Since the blocks of the wall project range from 3 1/8 "to 3 7/8" thickness, they can be used for a wide variety of applications both internally and externally.Some of the more popular uses include shower cases and stalls,Conference room walls,Separate work and living space from partition.Exterior these glass block walls can be used as a part of a straight or circular, between the structure of the home or building or the privacy wall code of free standing separation or create a unique style of private outdoor living space.Step 2 -Design and determine the size and shape of the wall-Although there is almost no limit to the size of the block wall,The size and shape often drive the preferred construction method.Here are some decisions about your wall:How wide and high do you want the wall?When the wall is greater than about 15 feet wide or high, wall support may be required within the structure.The size of the structure is also required to calculate the correct number of anchors and wall reinforcement materials required.Will the wall have a special shape or is it straight in design?Now there are special shapes of blocks that make the walls round,angled walls,Even the components of the stairs -?In the next step of 8 "size increment.Step 3 -Determine the special features of the glass block wall you want-You want the wall to meet your specific needs and applications.The good thing is that the block is not a one-size-fits-all product.Here are the special feature blocks that you may want to consider for your project:Enhanced security block-Some block units come with thicker interior walls, making it very difficult for them to knock on the door.The thickness of the surface layer of the standard block is 3/8 ",However, there are professional units that are "thick, also a block, and a solid glass brick.Add privacy block-Whether you are building a home or a commercial building, there is some space that you may want to have an excellent combination of optical transmission and high privacy-There are high privacy blocks for these uses.Extended fire rating-The standard block provides a fire rating of 45 minutes.To improve safety, there are also 60 and 90 minute block assemblies that can be used in small spaces between buildings and houses.Combining accessibility and safety-The glass block shower or partition wall is durable because of its thickness and the increased accessibility of safety, because of its smooth glass surface.Step 4 -Add unique mode,color,Etching or lighting properties of a design-Why there is a universal wall when you can add features that will make your design unique and customized with your specific interests,tastes,And decorate in the heart.At the beginning of the block in a mode and size-Fortunately, this is no longer the case.Here are some design options to consider:Colored glass blocks on the wall-Whether you want a vibrant or softer color of earth tones,Standard and custom colors can now be added to any size,pattern,Or a block of shape.Etched glass wall-Personalizing has never been easier to achieve or cost effective today than a computerized laser etching process.Add a custom image or standard etching design to a block,Or combine a group of pieces to create a unique mural.It's possible to etching your hobby,Family pictures,A natural scene or any image into blocks -?Very cool and affordable, available in smaller order quantities as well.Pattern -Use multiple block modes (note:The pattern is easy to clean in the block insideYou can create stripes,borders,Or a single block accent in the entire wall structure.Lighting -Moving light through a glass block wall, whether it's simple rope-style lighting on a wall to a sophisticated fiber optic or even lighting system, can be hidden in a glass block shower to contain like a contractor completed in Minnesota by remodelingStep 5 -To save time by making walls prefabricated,money,Improve the quality of your finished products-In the past days, blocks have been installed in a hard and time-consuming process, with a mason laying a mortar,leveling it,Lay another block,Find equality.Because these block units are made of glass.Standard cement-Foundation masonry materials, such as bricks or blocks, are not as fast as they are dry and are generally considered to be more difficult to install than traditional bricks or blocks.With the invention of the interval and prefabricated glass block wall sections, the process has come out of the Stone Age and entered the 21st century.With the vinyl stack spacing system, you can now install these glass block prefabricated wall sections and anchor them to adjacent walls to support the need to bypass long and difficult blocks through the block method.Here are the pre-steps-Process of Making Wall section:Calculate the overall size of the Wall (Width x height).Contact the glass block panel manufacturing company to help you determine how big it is and have them make the wall part.Some precautions for the size of the wall section are the location of the wall,If one or more people will install these parts,And the actual design and shape of the wall.(Note:Since these parts are joined by vinyl spacers and specialized silicone, they can be transported safely).Set the first vinyl stack prefabricated wall section on the base of the mortar bed.The horizontal and vertical part and anchor it to the adjacent wall.Apply the special glass block silicone Wall sealant to the top of the horizontal vinyl strip.Set the next wall section at the top of the first part.Repeat the other steps above.Complete space (joints)Between two mortar blocks,tile grout,Silicone sealant or glass block.Step 5 1/2 -How to coordinate this wall or shower project if you don't want to do the work yourself-If there is no time or want to have a professional contractor installation warranty on block work,You can order the wall section directly from a qualified vinyl stack glass block wall manufacturing company or have your contractor work directly with the Wall supplier.Try to ensure that prefabrication Wall suppliers have installation expertise so that they can guide you and your contractors in the design and structural considerations of your custom walls.There are also companies that can actually provide a custom or standard shower base that can match your prefabricated glass block shower wall as well (Some of these bases to prepare tile floors and other bases are made of acrylic and do not need any extra finishing material to go to them).Now that you are equipped with these 5 1/2 steps, you are ready to order your glass block wall shower or partition in your home or business.
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