aluminum panels for walls Timber and Its Use in Commercial Truck Construction

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Many types of wood are used for the body of commercial trucks today,It is used in a variety of different forms from partial frames,Chip Board for partition,Facing Plywood for decorative plates.Wood panels manufactured are also used with other materials such as aluminum and plastic to produce panels for special purposes, including heat and sound insulation, and to enhance resistance to general wear and weather.Some wood is more suitable for the car body due to its superior strength than other wood,Wear resistance,Decay and fire,or appearance.Although there are many forms of wood use,It is from Cork trees or temperate or tropical hardwood.Softwoods.There are lots of cork trees,Including many varieties of pine trees,fur,About 90 of all wood made up of spruce is generally used in the United States.S.A and Europe.These trees are usually found in the northern hemisphere;Most are cone bearings and Evergreen,But there are some exceptions.In fact, some types of software are more difficult than hardwood.There is a good supply of software because less time is required to mature and they are easier to work and they are usually cheaper than hardwood.The software is used for both sides and floors of mineral carriers,It is easier to replace because it is cheaper.It is also used for manufacturing panels in other commercial vehicle agencies.Hardwoods.These are all obtained from broad-leaf trees.There are more than 2000 varieties, including famous types like oak trees,ash,Teak and mahogany.All the basic wood,Much softer than software.Hardwood, actually,Because it is the structure that determines the group and not the texture.Because it takes longer for hardwood to matureHarder to get and work,And spend a longer season, they are quite expensive.However,They are usually stronger,More durable, more use than software.Hardwood is divided into two groups:-1.Tropical.These trees from central Africa,India and South America, including many different types of teak,Mahogany and Ebony.2.Temperate.The varieties found in this group are oakwalnut,And Ash is found in you by some temperate hardwood.S.A,Europe,Japan and Australia.Hardwood is used for interior finishing of the frame and some forms of veneer boards.Also hardwood such as ash is perfect for bending frame members.Manufacturing panel.Plywood,block-board,chipboard,MDF and hard board are usually used instead of solid wood board,And there are many advantages.They can be in larger sizes,Often stronger and more stable,This means that labor costs can be reduced compared to other methods covering large areas of joint wood with equivalent tongue and groove.Plywood.Plywood is made of glued layers of veneer together to each other at right angles.This can prevent splitting and greatly increase the strength of the panel.Curved members can also be produced by laying veneers before bonding in a suitable mold or form.Birch,ash,Pine and fir are used in the manufacture of plywood, but many other varieties are used in the face side of decorative plates.Plywood is available in several thicknesses and sizes, and the floor from the car body can be in one piece.Block board.There are some core stocks of manufacturing boards using solid wood.One of them is a block plate, which includes Cork sticking together and facing wood like birch and mahogany veneer.Large panels are produced and used for flooring and zoning in about 2 inch thickness.Chipboard.The chip plate is made of graded wood chips, bonded with synthetic resin and adhesive under pressure to form a large strong plate 0.5 inch to 1 inch thick.These can be painted in the face of many different materials,Plastic or veneer.It has replaced many of the purposes of solid wood, as the size of the manufacturing is a useful building material for cars.Medium density fiber board (MDF).MDF is made with glue to combine wood fiber together,Heat and pressure.It is a very adaptable material,But only for indoor body.It must be sealed/painted as it gradually releases urea-formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic substance and eye,Irritating throat and lungs.When using this material, appropriate safety procedures should always be used.Hardboard.This is another useful material,Thanks to its smaller thickness, it is ideal for indoor paneling.It is done by a compressed wood fiber that usually has a smooth side with a rough or grid on the reverse side.Identification of wood.Since many types of wood are used for body work,It is possible to identify more common such as oak and teak.Most types have different properties and attributes,When the sample is carefully checked, a specific type can usually be identified.The following features should be considered:-1.General appearance.2.Weight.Weighing samples is not a reliable test because the weight will depend on the moisture content and even the weight of the samples may vary.3.Use hand lens.The examination of the surface and the chromosome may show unique features.4.Use a microscope.The use of the microscope will make the thin slices closer to the examination.5.Dissolve the sample.This will allow a microscope to examine the shape and size of cells and fibers.It should be remembered that features and colors may be affected by the origin,Growth rate,And treat self-sensations and many other factors.Defects in wood.One of the main disadvantages of wood is that defects may exist or may develop later.Some of them can be handled satisfactorily, but others may need to be replaced.Some defects can be completely avoided by careful feeling,Conversion and seasoning,However, an understanding of the defects will enable you to best use wood that may be somewhat inferior.Knots.These are not always a serious defect because in many cases the wood is covered with paint,Panels or other camouflage and wood, such as pine, are treated to improve the look.On the other hand, knots should not appear in frame wood,Certain Decorative panels or other situations that may affect strength or appearance.The knots are almost always present, and the wood is often hierarchical distribution and the number of nodes.Some wood is more than others,So careful choice is usually worth it.Split and shake.Shaking occurs in various forms and is not always apparent until the tree is cut down and sawed into logs.There may not be a lot of problems with heart and Cup shaking, but other types such as ring and star shaking can cause precious wood to be unavailable.During drying or seasoning, moisture makes the wood leave from the end faster than on both sides.Other splits can happen if this is too fast.Woodworm.Many types of wood are affected by various insects,Chemical treatment may be effective.Another way is to remove and burn the infected part and install a new one.Dry rot.Timber,It is stored in wet or lack of ventilation and will lose its strength and become soft and sponge.If this happens, the wood should be destroyed.Warping.This is a common defect that is caused by uneven shrinkage in the condiment.This is easier for software.Because software contains more water than hardwood.Warping can reduce the radial rather than tangent of the sawing log.If you check the chromosomes of the boards, you can decide how to cut them from the log.Causes of wood defects.Seasoning wood.The water content of live trees may be between 50% and 100%, because it is too high for trees,When the attenuation must be seasoned or dried until the moisture content is reduced.The moisture content of wood used for car body work should be 12%-15%.If the moisture content is too high, the wood will dry and shrink further after use.If it is too low, the wood will absorb moisture in the atmosphere and may expand.In order to find the moisture content, the wood samples are weighed under normal conditions and then weighed after careful drying.The moisture content is then calculated as follows:-Moisture content of wood (M.C.%)It's calculated by taking the wet again.Minus dry weight,And divide the answer by dry weight, multiplied by 100.The method of drying a piece of wood to obtain its moisture is not necessary in practice,There are many reasons why the wood should be properly handled because the electrical instrument is used to provide an immediate reading (seasoned):-We should remember that the cells in a piece of wood are like wooden barrels.There is a lot of water in the cavity and wall.Therefore, it is essential to season the wood correctly.After the trees were cut down,The logs are taken to the sawmill and they are converted or sawn into boards or other parts.As this exposes a larger surface area, the atmospheric seasoning time is reduced.The method used to see or convert logs also affects shrinkage,Warping or other wood defects previously discussed.Air Drying.Sawn timber is stacked in sacks, and each layer is separated by wooden strips or strips.This allows the air to flow freely around each piece.The top of the stack should be protected from the sun and rain,Since the moisture will dry more quickly from the end of the board,These are sometimes protected to prevent the terminal from splitting.Air drying methods are cheap and often lead to better quality wood,But this is a slow way.For several years.Wood is vulnerable to staining and insect attacks, and the moisture content is rarely lower than in the surrounding area.Kiln Drying.This is a faster way,This leads to a closer control of the moisture content of the wood.The wood is placed on the trolley and placed inside the kiln controlled by temperature and humidity.The air circulation may be naturally ventilated or forced by an electric fan.The wood of the artificial seasoning may be more brittle and other defects may occur,But reducing the time required is a big advantage.Some wood is the air that dries for a period of time before the kiln dries.Storage of wood.Seasoning wood processing may take several years, and wood can be stored for another period of time before use.In order to maintain a good state, certain precautions must be taken:-Wood preservatives are suitable for use before painting.This type of preservative is usually low viscosity and can usually be used with the previous trainer or decorative enamel and its coating process.It can be applied through a brush,Spraying or dipping, usually allows the application of the above coating system before drying overnight.This promotes good adhesion and helps to reduce the problem of wood disease and decay.Before using this type of product, it must be ensured that it does not contain any wax or silicone additives.Start the wood.Before starting any wood, it is important to check if the wood is clean,Dry and no oil residue.The wood should be made of proper cellophane and skim cotton-Free cloth with white spirit or suitable solvent damping.The appropriate primer should then be used for start-up.At startup, it is essential that all areas be fully launched.This includes the end of the wood and the tongue and the trench,The place will cover metal decoration or body parts.The reason is to prevent the entry of moisture, which will cause the paint to peel off.Wood containing knots shall be treated in the following manner,Before starting:-I)Knots should be burned with a spray lamp to extract excess resin.II)The wood should be thoroughly scrubbed and skimmed as above.III)Each knot should be treated with one to two shells,And allow enough time to dry.IV)Prime Minister wood above.Wood finishes.These are non-Pigment finish.Polished in those available wax,sealer coats,Long and short oil varnishSilicone varnish,Yacht varnish,Single bag of polyurethane and teak oil.All of this applies to brush applications.For spray applications only,Use the following-Cellulose paint,Two packs of polyurethaneTwo packs of catalytic paint and one and two packs of epoxy.The requirements for wood finish are:-Sealing Machine and wax polishing.Sealers -These are based on cellulose.Waxes -These are the basis of oil.One example is frozen wax, which is pretty fast to dry,Give the wood a little discoloration,And produce a good average finish.Waxes -Silicone base.These wax are very fast to dry and produce hard waterproof finish.The wood needs to be sealed before use,It tends to give it a cloudy look.Waxes -Beeswax.This is a natural product from a honeycomb that has been presented with a white spirit.Can it be applied by brush or rag and produce a good finish that can be re-done?polished.Long oil varnish.These contain more oil than resin in its formula.The resin used is usually an alcohol resin or a fossil resin.Long oil varnish is flexible,Due to the good amount and durability of oil,Make it ideal for external use.It also has a fairly clear finish.Polyurea is used for wood left behind under exposed conditions,But it is often quite soft to use indoors.Life expectancy is two to two and a half years,Four jacket systems are recommendedi.e.The application is very thin (diluted)There are three complete coats behind the coat.Varnish with short oil.These varnish are dry fast but often quite brittle.They dry to hard finish and are more suitable for indoor use,Because they don't have the flexibility to use outside.Silicone varnish.These are clear fast drying varnish for indoor and outdoor use.They are the welcome car body varnish,And also as a four-application-coat system.Teak oil.This oil is easy to apply,But free paint needs to restore the natural color of wood.French polish.This is based on the spirit of shellfish and methylation.It is fast and dry to darken the wood.It is the application pad,Made of a piece of wool or gauze.Covered with a piece of cotton.It is however,Fragile, easily destroyed by the spirit of water and white.It is mainly used for antique furniture.Cellulose nitrate paint.There are two types of paint.the pre-Catalytic and nitro-urethanes.These resins contain amino and polyurethane resin, respectively.Conclusion.There is no doubt that the advantages of using wood in the commercial truck body today.Of course, other materials will also try and replace it,But with its versatility and usability, it's still unmatched and will come for a long time.Learn about your wood and how to take care of them will ensure maximum life from your truck or commercial vehicle.
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