aluminum panels for walls Metal Industry and Production of Perforated Plates

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
There are different types of playing tables:O perforation was arranged in 45 degrees 45 degrees this drilling applications
Only a few roughneck has industry standard equipment.
.O 60 degrees perforation is arranged in 60 degrees, the rules
(also known as pentagonal) because it combines the plate of high stiffness and a discrete relationship with the whole vacuum, so it is easier to spread.
Is considered to be "normal"
, if otherwise statedWell, this is how drilling works

O 90 degrees punch line parallel arrangement
The funds needed for the panel
Commercial equipment,
And sometimes as a decorated perforation
(frontline of radio stations, etc.)) is very common in any case
.Materials are usually porous stainless steel
Ordinary steelNon-ferrous metals such as aluminum
Brass and coppe, ptfe and polypropylene plastic products, etc
Production fill the table
)The rigidity of liner to the plate and allow weight savings compared with similar laminate.

The filler can be a diamond.bartonella
, Redondo or SquareApplication in the field of wood veneer or tearful pillow in the paragraph is strengthening elements or wall
The gates foundation,
.The backing plate is a flat plate imprinted on the track with cold materials such as mechanical press and iron.Galvanized steel,
, stainless steel
Aluminum and copper
.Tensile plate production
And can be made into coils and sheets with different materials., Sort and measure with thickness and standard size.Plate is divided into the diamond stretch mesh
, square wire mesh
The hexagonal grid
For commonly used sheet steel, iron and aluminum sheet or roll
.Production of metal mesh and wire mesh used in synthetic compounds
The guard and building area
The network is divided into metal corrugated
, welding mesh and vibrio network-sievesNetwork is used to protect
And other accessories
Usually with square grid extrusion form wavy net carbon steel, galvanized wire is also used for production.
, plastic coated wire
, stainless steel, copperBrass and aluminum
The network of vibrio
Sieve is vibrio woven net with high strength steel
-sieves.The thread cloth produced by a silk loom is defined as a continuous automatic network.

So the wire is a grid.Unique wire cloth fabrics are distinguished
, pointed conical intersection or cross
Used for the production of stainless steel wire cloth
Galvanized steel wire,
American aluminum, copper and brass
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