aluminum panels for walls Light-Weight Stone Panels in Modern Home Constructions

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Everyone knows that natural stones like marble and granite are widely used in modern home structures.The reasons behind such a widespread appeal and the installation of the persistence of marble and granite products
. HoweverWell, these and other
The natural stone is used in the production of light weight stone panel

A lightweight stone panel is layered on any natural stone by using aluminum honeycomb or aluminum magnesium

Like natural stone
Lightweight stone plate, installation is in line with my purpose
.eBeautiful appearance and durability

It may surprise you that lightweight stone panels are more durable than natural stones.

With durability at the same timeThey are flexible
. The light of the durability of the stone panel and flexibility makes it the ideal choice of modern residential construction and decoration
.A significant feature of lightweight stone plate is low cost
They are half or one-third of the total value of any natural stone
. AnyoneWho is planning a new house or the renovation of a new house?Think, smartly, and try to complete the building in a low budget
. HereStone, considering the light weight panel part of the buildings are very useful
.name, lightweight stone panel
it is easy to understand that they are light in weight. In factThey are very light
22 mm thick plate one square metre weighs only 15 kg, and a 17 square metre weighs only 9 mm thick panel
, don't need the extra artificial or handling fees.
.The motivations for the use of lightweight slates in modern homes are mainly decorationThey are very used to decorate
And .

The bathroom walls and other household parts, such as the living room and kitchen, are decorated with various colors and textures and can be used on lightweight slate.Lightweight stone plate sound insulation
, moisture proof
To make fire-proof or fire-resistant., heatProof and anti
, they can also be used as a harmful environmental factors, such as heat, used to decorate your house outside.
Rain, humidity and does not influence their beauty
.It can be said that the installation of a lightweight slate is a one-time investment

The above attributes define all causesInstall light weight of the stone slab filled the owner and proud to have a highly creative modern house is everybody's dream
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