aluminum panels for walls Installing Retrofit and Replacement Vinyl Windows

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
In previous articles, I explained to you how to determine if your windows is suitable for vinyl replacement style frames or modified style frames.This week I will explain the installation techniques for both frame styles.Let's start with the modified frame.The window installation is really the simplest.An external decoration has been attached to the remodel window.This is the flushing fin, on the outside surface,Usually plaster.Prepare the window by drilling 3/8 "holes in the area of the frame, where you want to screw it in place.Normally,There will be 3 holes on each side and 3 holes on the top.Do not pre-drill any holes on the bottom track.After removing the old panelYou want to run a heavy bead on the face of the old aluminum frame you left behind.Then you and an assistant set the bottom of the vinyl window to the old aluminum bottom track and lift it to the position.Rinse the fins or remodel the lip as a "stop" to keep the window in place.Let your assistant hold the window while you go in.Once inside,You want to center the window.Slide the vent panel to open and close to make sure the window is vertical and horizontal.In order to meet the square conditions,By placing the micro-motion material between the bottom and bottom of the window frame, make the lower right or lower left trembling.Once square,Drive 3 "deck screws through 3/8", holes, and into the wood nails.Just put the screws on the seat.Don't tighten too much.After you screw the screws to both sides and the topRemove the sliding panel.The track at the bottom should be raised.Look for drain holes on the track and insert a thin screwdriver and lift up.Drive a screw in the center of the bottomAround the screw head,Then get the track back to the place and re-Install the sliding panel.Now,You want to go back to the outside and will have the improved fins to meet the clearance of the exterior surface of the house.You want a double barrier to prevent water from penetrating.Remember,You have applied a generous caulk bead before inserting the new frame into the hole.The rest of the work is done in it.First,You fortress 3/8 "screw holes to hide the head of the screw.We sell hole plugs on the website.Just click on the store and the TAB sees a picture.The plug will pop up in the hole.The next step is to fill the gaps in the new framework with R-13 Insulation.Do not use foam insulation with tanks.Many manufacturers will not comply with the warranty if foam is used.Even non-inflated bubbles can cause the frame to twist,Causing problems.The packaging is tightly insulated.You may want to wear a dust cover during this process.Many people,Including myself.Very sensitive to insulation.After the insulation is in place,To install trim internally to complete the job.You can use wood decoration from hardware store,Or other products.But in my experienceThe best product is the vinyl flat edge, matching the window frame.Tablet decor can also be purchased on the website under the store, tabOr you can try to find it from the local window contractor.We have three different widths,Although the 1 3/4 "wide sheet is by far the most common.There is a double sided tape on the back of the trim.You cut the top and bottom first.Stick them to the vinyl frameMake sure to trim to the drywall.This includes all the insulation and old metal frames.Do side block next.The last step is to combine the decoration with the wall.Most of the installation process for replacing the frame is the same as the retrofit frame.But,There are a few different.When you put a new window into the hole using a replacement frame,You don't have a flush fin to keep the frame in place.You and your assistant have to put the frame in place while you put the screws in the center of the top to support the frame.Then,You can make a square condition adjustment.All programs will be exactly the same in it,Plug from the hole,to insulation,To trim and dress.It's different outside.The trim you have to apply is a partial remodel frame.Again,I prefer flat trim.Once again,You put a ring of guard on the old frame.Then measure and cut the top and bottom trim pieces.Apply the adhesive part of the decoration to the vinyl frame,And let the other part touch the beads.Trim all four sides,Then again the caulk decoration conforms to the external material.As you can seeIt really doesn't matter if the outside of your home is brick,stone,siding,or stucco.You can install vinyl windows without having to damage the surrounding structure.We have a step-by-step teaching video for sale on the will start talking about sliding glass door replacement next week.
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