aluminum panels for walls Improving Thermal Insulation Using Polyurethane Duct Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
In the insulation system;Air duct is the basic term of habit.The pipe is mainly used as a passage for air through it.Air is a substance that is usually regulated in these systems, because the duct is the passage of air,Its importance is self-evident.I would like to give an example, a car and a road, the car can not move without a road.In this case, the car is air and the road is a pipe.The pipeline plays an extraordinary role in keeping the indoor air temperature within the specified range while maintaining the air quality.They must be able to resist the external temperature in order to keep the air going through their temperature at a certain level.To achieve this,Pipes are created by insulation or layering.Galvanized steel and aluminum are widely used materials for piping-work.The main reason for the preference for these metals is their availability.Costs related;Something easier to get,It becomes cheaper.However,These metals are heavy metals, which pose a serious challenge to their transportation,The installation of equipment designed for these materials is difficult.Engineers and innovators in electrical technology spent sleepless nights trying to come up with alternative ways to design pipes.This extensive research and testing enables it to come up with polyurethane (PU)As a material, a large number of applications should be put into designing pipelines.Polyurethane (PU)It's in the plastic resin family.It is able to be made flexible or rigid depending on the specifications required.It is a very general material that can be used as an industrial product,And others, such;mattresses,sponges,shoes,and tires.Its deep insulation capacity,Make polyurethane one of the most widely used materials in thermal insulation system.Look at the back of your refrigerator or freezer and you will agree with me that polyurethane is for heat preservation.If you have a decent family and income,You should then spend some dollars to make sure that the walls of your house line up polyurethane material to limit heat loss in winter and keep cool air in your home in summer.This investment will definitely reward you.The most common place in houses and commercial buildings is polyurethane pipe lining;floors,cavity walls,roofs,Big air pipes,Air-conditioning,A large amount of carbon is emitted by heating and cooling systems (ll)Oxide gases enter the atmosphere in addition to consuming a lot of electricity to make them run.All of this equipment achieves some thermal comfort services in addition to in homes and other buildings.This restriction is completely non-Polyurethane duct panels are present.The initial installation cost of polyurethane duct panels is usually high,The advantage of using them is long-Duration and cost of envelope.Commercial buildings and homes also require relatively low maintenance procedures when equipped with polyurethane panel liners.These are simpler jobs,And can save a lot of space.The internal and external design of the structure does not change when using these products.Modern technology for home and office insulation pays more attention to polyurethane panels.
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