aluminum panels for walls Honeycomb-Backed Stone Cladding Systems - A Great Choice for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Architectural designers have many choices when selecting and specifying high-cladding systemsEnd commercial and institutional buildings.Like many other ranges,There are many factors that affect and finalize the design and specification of the cladding,including,among others:budget,Building height,Structural support,climate zone,performance,Sustainability,Code compliance,aesthetics,lead time,etc.Compared to other types of construction projects, there is usually no strict budget limit for institutional buildings.At the same time,museum,university,hospital,religious,And other institutional projects usually have a longer design life than other project types.As mentioned above,Many factors affect decision-making-Production process.Here is a quick overview of these factors.Budget:Like many other parameters,The cost of materials and labor to provide and install the cladding system may vary from region to region.In this article, we refer anecdotal information about such costs to the general contractor in the city of Texas.For items with a package budget (Furniture and installation)Between $30 and $50 per San Francisco,Limited selection of products with lower cost, such as EIFS,stucco,Single skin metal,Tilt-Up,and poured-in-Placing Concrete may fit the bill.Higher final projects, $50 to $70 per San Francisco budget will have more options, including masonry,porcelain,Lightweight stone panels,Size stone,Concrete panels for prefabricated buildings,Phenolic panel,and ACM (Aluminum composite material).Building height and structural support:Single story and other low-The rising structure can be economical with light weight or heavy cladding systems,Because heavy stones or brick walls can be simply stacked,Transfer the constant load to the foundation and concrete slab.On the other hand,multi-The story building must include a more robust frame system that is being considered if the recladding system is in the process.Honeycomb-The support cladding system usually weighs about 6 pounds./sf.And has a high bending strength,The installation of many projects requires only 16-In 16 "on-center.This may lead to significant cost savings in the structure of the frame compared to the size of the stone,It can weigh 40 lbs/sf.Climate zone and performance:Different regions across the country have different climate patterns,Different insulation requirements.Additionally,many cities,The county and state have passed green and/or sustainable building regulations,Some of them include continuous insulation (ci)requirements.The stone on the honeycomb cladding system has no significant thermal insulation value,They can be designed with a wide range of insulation systems,Includes commercially available continuous insulation solutions that meet the most stringent thermal efficiency code requirements.Sustainability:Many institutional buildings are designed to comply with LEED certification or other standards for sustainable design and construction.This is a complex issue that cannot be dealt with simply and often involves a professional consultant for any particular project.There are many thermal efficiency and sustainability parameters,So here we only focus on the LEED point:Some lightweight stone bag layer systems can contribute points to the following credits:Disclosure and optimization of materials and resources credit building products-Procurement of raw materials (Recovery content standard for this credit;Disclosure and optimization of materials and resources credit building products-Material composition (Health Product Declaration standard for this credit.Code Compliance (flame spread):The code that meets the requirements of certain projects with the code of the NFPA 285 may also be required in projects that do not have such requirements.The test shall be carried out after the NFPA 285,Standard Fire Test Method for evaluation of external non-fire propagation propertiesLoad-bearing wall components containing combustible components,2012.Some light stone cladding systems and many other alternative cladding systems have met the necessary conditions for acceptance of this important test.Aesthetics:Owners,developers,Architects have many choices in materials.color,texture,And aesthetics.Even when a natural stone looks ideal,There are several different options, including sticking to the Stone (Cultivated or natural),split-face CMU,Wei Shi,And concentrate on natural stones.Light honeycomb-The back panel can make almost any stone selection, including granite,marble,travertine,limestone,sandstone,onyx,And most other quarries,Up to 4' x 8' on the panel '.The choice of stones may have different finishes including rough or fine water jets,honed,polished,And other custom completion.Some manufacturers of light stone panels make elevation systems for specific projects based on approved workshop drawings and may include returns of up to 8,The impression of a huge stoneLead time:Each project is unique and has its own limitations and requirements, including project delivery methods and delivery times for specific systems.For complex,Highly designed system,A substantial lead time in the order of 16 to 20 weeks (or longer)May need to include the selection and purchase of stone,Design Assistance services,Production/Approval Of workshop drawings,fabrication,shipping,and delivery.For projects that have short-term requirements for their cladding systems,Other stone-clad solutions may be more viable than honeycomb-backed panels.Installation:Generally,The panadeed system can be installed with products or materials that have a smaller speed than other systems and must be assembled one by one.The lightweight stone panel can be transferred to the size of 4'x 8,Because of their light weight, the connection system,Can be installed very effective.Also,The guide rail can be installed on the sheath before the panel is delivered to the job site,It is not uncommon for the crew of two workers to install 30 or more panels in one shift.The key to the successful installation of many rain curtain systems,Including light stone panels,Is to ensure that the rails are installed in vertical and square,Flashing as needed,And according to the approved shop drawings.A great choice:We fully agree with the view that no cladding system is correct for each construction project.Architectural Design,Construction is a highly complex and specialized field,And many variables affect decision-making-The process of selecting the appropriate cladding system for any given project.The lightweight natural stone cladding system can be a great choice to share some of the items,Or all of the following features:-Budget (Furniture and installation)-Single story----LEED certification,----Infinite type of stone,colors,textures,-
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