aluminum panels for walls Electrical Problem: How Do I Choose A Load Center?

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
The first step in choosing a load center is to calculate the load on your property in your electrical system.The average handyman don't know how to perform the load calculation
You can buy a handbook of national electrical code, make your own
If you have no experience in this scale computing systems
I suggest you hire a professional electrician to complete this important stepThey should be able to do this should only take two to three hours.
Do you want to prepare
, this step is necessary insurance demand and code
.NextI want you to check the size of your feeder.

This is usually an aluminum wire from your meter base to your current box.Figure out the most common method is to remove cover existing load center
In general, usually
, a family will have a 150 speakers panel
, a 200 amp panel
, or 2 or 3 combinations of these panels depending on the size of your electrical service.150 security team need a four wire cable consisting of three
(2/0And a) wire
(1/0) wireAnd .

These are aluminum conductors.200 amp panel need four wire cable consisting of three
(4/0) Wire and one(2/0) wireThe existing wire should be somewhere in the cable label.
.Now you need to calculate the number of circuit, do you want to and your new load center
For you, you will be able to circuit breaker for about 32 slot of the panel.

In general, I recommend setting up a load center with 42 slotsThis will allow any to add, you may want to include in your residence electrical transformation
And .

Make sure your main electrician includes any planned circuits in the load calculation.Failure to include adding could eventually lead to circuit overload
Circuit overload fire hazards
. This erroneous calculation will eventually cause the panel to overheat

Generally, I never buy anything does not consider the quality of the products, I'm going to buy
Most of the load center
, is selling.
, are all equal

You may find the value bag.And .

This purchase includes some random circuit breakers with your load center.The rest of the prices need to circuit breaker can also be a decisive factor
Width and length, are likely to influence your decision
Most of these load center is 14 1/2 inch wide.

This allows the installer to screw the load center directly to the inner wallYou should not modify support wood
In the past few years, I have installed more than 100 of these
I only need to modify the structure of wood
This installation in an apartment
.If you are not sure if you are moving forward, look for more directional projects on the electrical equipment.Don't forget to buy your load calculation
When removing the existing electric panels
Field bus, don't contact there
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