aluminum panels for walls Description and Applications of an Aluminum Residential Fence

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
The aluminum residential fence is a galvanized steel decorative fence system wear-resistant powder coating finishAluminum housing wall design hand over the house owner's special ornamental value
A kind of style and color added to the choice of decoration fence of any one of the classic appearance of the home.
Design for residence application
This grid method provides the quality and elastic level required by the homeowne.Several companies offer several popular color aluminum housing fence.
Each of the durability of the powder coating finish formulated
, super
-Violet inhibitors, resistant elements.

You can apply a special powder to your decorative fence.Features and benefits of aluminum house fence
Hot dip galvanized steel polyester resin compound coating system on early to prevent rust
Only a classic prime minister railway provides strength and allowed eight parts to reduce installation time and labor
Unusual stop lever on the railway from harsh environments, firmly hold the pickets
No external fasteners are considered necessary

Panel can be inclined 24 "in part a eight grade agreed to change and didn't trouble to adjust and outline on the hillside
Plate fixed on by brackets don't need to welding position
This leads to the middle ground of the coating that causes rust.Many of the available styles and colors of choice to go and add to your architecture

Twelve years of limited assurance provides confidence and guarantees that you have chosen the right residential fencing systemFor a period of twelve years limited liability guarantee to state for the purpose of the residential classic prime minister guarantee from the date of the obtained, on the material and craft is not flawed.
.Specification of residential aluminum fence
Height can be used in the aluminum housing wall 4"
, 5', 6'The product's color is black.
, White, Bronze and Desert SandThe pile material specification
: 5/8"- 18 GaAnd .

Square picketOther specifications and features
1 1/4 "railway
, 2"- 16 Ga. square columnTop,
: universal spear tip
, Styles3: general, general
-Rail, Spear 3-Rail3, crisscross spear
-Rail, picket line 3-Rail.
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