aluminum panels for walls Are Plastic Greenhouses Better Than Glass Ones?

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Traditional and specialized gardening methods are in the greenhouseEither way
Protective wall, need to protect the plants growing in the controlled environment.
Control of temperature and light can help to adjust the condition of the earth, pests and diseases
-the person who caused the harm.Greenhouse is usually used in the production of certain commodities such as flowers, fruits and vegetables.
, but also a family garden
Lover, build your own greenhouse
.The first greenhouse was located in ancient Rome, where the "cucumber house" was made of selenite.

Selenite is a clear crystal of gypsum made from calcium sulfate dehydration rather than selenium, this is quite similar
Glass manufacturing for the first time
, it soon became widely used in the greenhouse, especially those shelters import of exotic tropical plants and planting in Europe
. TodayA greenhouse made of float glass
In 2000, he was vulnerable to hail and heavy snow.Durable plastic greenhouse pane now use the fragile glass
.A thermoplastic polymer called polycarbonate has become more and more widely accepted as a suitable alternative to glass
And .

It is an electronic insulator and it is also a kind of heat.- fire
-High temperature resistant materials for effective regulation of greenhouse temperatureIt is effective for greenhouse roof and walls.
Used for other applications such as bulletproof Windows PC (polycarbonate)
Greenhouse hail impact resistance, make the bullet had roughly similar
.There are other plastics used for greenhouse glass

Polyethylene is well known for its packaging use, but sometimes used as a polyethylene film
Greenhouse plasticspanesPolyethylene thermoplastic properties
It is durable
, flexible, not like glass
, it does not break into pieces, can damage within the plant
. HoweverLike many thermoplastic materials
, it can withstand cracking
(the formation of small cracks as age grows). ThusMaintenance and repair are necessary.Poly(methyl methacrylate
)(PMMA) is also used as greenhouse pane, because it is unlikely to be shattered
It is synthesized from methyl methacrylate resin.

pmma is sometimes called acrylic glass because it also contains acrylic acidThe main component of methyl methacrylate (mma)
.There are many variations of greenhouse glass plastic.
Have better resistance to cracking and crushing multilayer plastic panel
Each group depends on the size of the greenhouse in different size and thickness
. Aluminum foil tape can be used to protect greenhouse glass from dust if it is placed in exposed areas such as ventilation where mold and dust accumulate due to moisture and precipitation

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