aluminum panels for walls All About Aluminum Composite Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Aluminum composite panel is made of two flat aluminum panels with nonaluminum core function for glueIn most cases
And the aluminum core is made up of low aluminum.
Density polyethylene

Panels come in different sizes, but the standard size is four millimetersThe panel aluminum alloy shell and 3 pieces of aluminum alloy by half a millimeter.
Look at the core
.The advantages of the plate
These panels have a lot of benefits.

One of the advantages is that these devices are cheapThis allows you to show your property aluminum low cost
Another advantage is that, according to your needs, the panel can be easily cut into different size.
.Lie on your back nonaluminum core board
This makes the final product
The appearance of polishingMake products to be interesting, you should consider painting or decoration
Increase the flexibility of the core unit, makes them easy to bypass the surface of other material can't

Since panels are made of a large percentage of aluminum, once they are used or damaged, they can be easily recycled

The application of plate
Because they have a lot of great features.Aluminum composite panels can be used in different areas,
Plate is one of the application of in indoor use, you use them in the interior of the decorating your house
PVDF coating, the unit is durable so you don't have to worry about fade panel
Use simple tools, you can easily put these material folded into any shape you want.

Because of these characteristics,In the column, you can use the panel
, separate(plural nouns of part), noiseThe barrier wall
, railway coach
Oh, fake ceiling., interior wall
, escalator cladding, and many other places
.Aluminum toughness and fire resistance makes it suitable for outdoor use.
You can use it in different factories, and other fields
, gasoline pump, bus station, the shopping center
, sports venues,
, air station, airport, the airport (airport the plural)
, vehiclesCoated, Bridges and many other areas
. The appearance of the flat polishing makes them sign also use the ideal person
You can Sue them
, safetyThe shopping center
commercial, office, school, factory, the nameplate
And even direction signs
.Items that should be paid attention to when using aluminum composite panels
Units need to be careful when buying, some companies are aluminum plastic panel and posture

The sign that the product is not aluminum is low costIf you buy the panel is much cheaper than the standard market price, you should be vigilant.
There are other products, is by the low quality of aluminum
Although these products will be similar to high
-High quality productsOh, they won't give you.The characteristics of flammability and high quality aluminum
.Different types of panels for different applications.
The role of the service for the unit you want them to
, you should be installed correctly
. You should also make sure they are installed by professionals

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