aluminum panels for walls A Few Facts About Wood Fence Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
In the selection of fence materials, wooden fence board people prefer for three reasons
It looks more natural than plastic or metal fence
It is easy to repair
and it can resist various elements at a lower price.Man-made board is made of several kinds of wood.
There are a lot of style, each
Panel can be treated or chemical treatment resistance to weathering and insects
And .

But even after treatment,Wood fence panels are not as durable as aluminum or vinyl materials.Cedar, sprucePine and cypress trees is a common material used in the manufacture of wooden fence panels
Once they have been made
, they usually at eight
Feet long part
. HoweverWell, they can easily be shortened if needed.Can the front panel
Style in several ways
- dog-eared, Gothic top, lattice, split-railEtc.
.A wooden fence is usually-made, but can also be assembled at the scene
Board would join one of three ways
- privacy, pointed or postal and railway
Privacy fence is about 6 feet tall or more.
, panels are arranged adjacent to each otheThe fence is short
About four feet tall.Separated, plate
Post and rail fence is short
And 24 horizontal beam
)At regular intervals
.Board may let them treatment last longer

Use both pressure and preservativeYou can treat wood to better resist termites and fungi.The wood species
Spruce and pine accept treatment
Usually does not require any treatment, and cedar
.Hedges are more suitable for suburban or rural areasIn choosing a plank
, we need to consider the cost of the wood and the overall design.
Cedar is more expensive, but also more durable
And pine is the cheapest
. A post-and-the fence needs the least wood. It's one of the cheapest designs.And privacy fence is one of the most expensive
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