aluminum panels Folding Tonneau Covers

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Folding Tonneau covers available pickups and modelsThere are many different types of folding Tonneau cover
They can be made from aluminum or vinyl and steel beam.
The panel folded car cover
The smaller the space it can fold up and storeMost of the folded cover from the back to front.
Panel in the opposite direction, but some of the model
To allow access card lathe
And .

Most of the costs of folding Tono are between 400 and 700 US dollars

Aluminum and vinyl folded tonsil covers are attached to trucks with stainless steel barsMost of these rods need small bed drilling along the ridge
, but a lot of people sleep in a bed
. Once, installation,
They held safely cover on the bed
. Most Toni folding covers have locks on the rear door, locking both the lid and the tail door.Very difficult to theft
Fold the cover by the type of material is lightweight and easy to operate
And .

Each panel weighs only a few pounds

Cover more panel folded smaller
Oh, let more people go to bed.Most of the quilt can be removed, so the whole bed can be opened.
Can leave the cover, but it is also useful, is still in bed
Many fold Tonneau cover can be folded, so that they in a panel at the back of the taxi truck when not in use
And there are two to four panels
.Most folded bedcovers fold from front to backAnd allow more access panel bed is rolled back
And .

Some models have hinges in the middle.Open, allowing the user to access from the middle of the bed
These usually have two types of cover panels
.Folding Donoget is the perfect choice for truck owners, who need to get into their truck lathe quickly and easily, but also want a Toro cover safe

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