aluminum panels Electric Boat Conversion of Old Sail Boats

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Electric Boat is a term,When I first heard it,It's like putting aluminum foil in your mouth.It's associated as an element in my mind,It is not suitable to exist in the neighborhood at all;Electricity and salt water.This is a pioneering installation process that I was looking at ten years ago.The old and tired diesel was similar to myself from the wooden sailing boat, while the base area of the cabin was stripped clean and re-Painted in white enamel.When everything is clean and bright a small one, I think the 'T' motor and its control is installed in its place.Electric boat;I can't believe it.I thought the boss would be angry.What is he thinking?But I changed my mind.This is a source of passion for electric ships,Comparable to Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus.It's a video of a catamaran I saw recently.Installed with the motor in their respective propeller pods;That is to say, the position folded into the water.Although I am a classic boat Octopus,I 've been watching this video and selling it on all the nanoseconds ideas.Things and cats that ship electricity seem,It is the great convenience of marriage.First of all, there must be a deck area on the roof of a suburban family.There are neither practical nor aesthetic problems,When it comes to where solar panels are planted.If your budget is going to run to it,It is possible to install enough panel capacity on cat's deckIf you do, power a small city.On a mono-On the other hand, Hull,You are limited in terms of placement opportunities and my eyes,They look terrible.But multiple shells are highly sensitive to weight,It means when you pile the weight,Performance dropped sharply.This is Mono -?Hull and old sail-The boat has a great advantage.Many old wooden sails-The ship has only supplementary internal ballast;The lead of the pig is at the bottom of the cabin.For the conversion of electric ships,Lead pigs are replaced by batteries, so the net weight increase is likely to be negative.Ballast is no longer just weight.Secondly;There are fixed props vs feather props.Unless you choose a mythic and expensive one;Preset variable pitch and reversible propeller,There's a problem with power in mono-hull,At that point you usually need a fixed prop setting if you want to sail under a rechargeable battery.It's going to be a pity that this is re-The charging capacity will be lost.I want to install a power unit on my 72-year-old wooden sail-boat monohull,But I don't want a set item.In the current situation, these three vague things cause so much resistance that you can feel the water on the rudder sailing.It must say a knot under the sail,It must be translated to 20 odd nautical miles in twenty-four hours.If you can simply fold the entire pillar and shaft out of the horizontal lying to the hull,It solves several problems at a time, of which not the least is the problem of precise engine alignment in confined spaces.The second problem is the existence of a harsh gland, which is a basic hole in pain.The third problem is the props themselves.Props with feathers plus dieselIs the solution to drag,But I see the big problems caused by the blocked mechanism when they wear,they rattle.So, there's a feather prop in my head that's just another damn thing to go wrong.It is very elegant to be able to take the whole equipment out of the water while sailing.It neatly eliminates resistance factors while sailing, while having props removed from the water also eliminates anti-complicationsThe incredible problem of pollution in tropical areas and keeping the sea water in the ocean growing.This is the scourge of sail drive and the main reason I have collected,Why the sail drive has gained a reputation that is unreliable in the charter fleet.When you sail and batteryNeed an improved drive leg with the opportunity to come down and generate the power battery by rotating the pillar.Therefore, folding the electric legs is feasible, and there is no aesthetic problem with the cat,But how can it be in a single one?Any ideas?
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