aluminum panels Dual Pane Window Glass Repair

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
In the past few weeksI 've been explaining how to fix a broken window pane in your home.But,If you have a double pane window?Is this process the same?Well,pretty much,Except for a few changes.So,Let's review the single pane repair process,I will point out the differences about the two-pane window.When we started talking about the two-pane windowThe first thing to think of is vinyl window frames instead of aluminum.When working with a dual pane window,You can have aluminum or vinyl frames,The house was built according to one year.Double pane glass was popular in 1980s,But the vinyl frame didn't really catch up until 1990s.So,If your house is under 10 years oldYou may have vinyl frame windows.In any case,The differences I will discuss.Let's say you have a sliding aluminum frame window with double pane glass.The steps to remove the frame from the opening and glass from the sling are the same as the single pane window.The difference is,first,The glass enters the frame about twice as much as the single-pane window.Single pane window glass enters the rubber 1/4 "around ".The double pane usually enters 1/2 "to rubber.So,If both pieces of glass are brokenYou will have to order a new IGU (Insulated glass unit)From the local glass shop.They would want to know the width,height,Overall thickness,And possible individual glass thickness.The best way to get the size is to measure the width and height of the rubber to the rubber,Write down these numbers.Then,Remove the panel from open and place it on the table as we do with a single pane window.Remove the screw from the diagonal and tighten the frame.You will be able to see how far the glass goes into the surrounding rubber.If it's 1/2",Then you want to add 1 "to the width and height you measured before (1/2 "double the two sides = 1".Then,The overall thickness of the unit is measured by removing rubber from the edge of the glass.Typically,This dimension is 1/2"But not always.There is a metal interval that puts two panes of the glass.Please pay attention to the color so that you can request the same color in the new IGU.It is either silver or bronze.If you want to get the same size interval, you need to give the thickness of each piece of glass in the glass workshop at IGU.If there is 1/8 "glass on both sides of the old unit,And the overall thickness of the unit is 1/2 ",Then they will use the 1/4 "interval.If the glass on both sides is 3/32"They will use 5/16 "intervals.If you don't care about the thickness of the matching interval,You can ask for 1/8 "glass thickenedThey use the 1/4 "interval automatically.When you get the new family,The installation is the same as the single pane window.Now,What if only one side of the IGU is broken?Many times, the external pane will break,But the pane inside is good.You can order a brand new IGU like usor,If you're an adventureYou can order only the individual glass pane that has been damaged and replace it.I want to explain what to do?Then I'll tell you the things that go wrong.After deleting the window pane on the table of the surrounding frame,You will see the edge around a black rubber type substance, the interval is applied.This is butyl sealant.You have to separate the broken glass from this butin.The best thing to do is to use a new blade and a utility tool knife to break the Ding, which meets the broken glass.Then,Take a new hacksaw bladeThen push it to the place where you pulled the Ding out of the glassYou don't want a hacksaw blade to connect to hacksaw.With your handSee the glass edges around the way you work back and forth.This should allow you to remove the glass.Once completed,Put the rag on a good piece of glass and grab any pieces.Scraping will touch the surface of the spacer of the new glass.Use a putty knife.Then,Remove rags and debris.When you're ready to put the new glass on,Clean a good piece of glass inside, you did not delete.Remember,Once you install the new glassAny debris or finger marks will be permanently sealed inside.So,Clean it really good and check it from all angles.Do the same side of the new glass and will go to the inside of the IGU.Then,Run fine beads of transparent silicone around the entire perimeter of the spacer.Set your new glass at intervals and stick to the glass silicone all the way using finger pressure.Then,Coming in from the side,And run silicone on one side where the glass and spacers meet.Cover the window with 24 hours.You don't want to get in touch with IGU for 24 hours.Silicone needs to be cured.24 hours laterYou can assemble the unit and install it back into the opening.There are a few things that can go wrong.The first is to leave traces in the inner part of the glass.Once you seal the glass,You can't clean up things between the panes.Another thing is to condense between the panes.If you have the slightest break on the silicone seal around the glassThe opportunity is that you will begin to see the form of moisture, as long as the night becomes cold and the day becomes warm.You will have to decide if you have enough confidence in your ability to do the right job,Or, if it's better to pay extra money, let it do it for you.Just because you pay someone else to do it.It doesn't mean you still won't have the same problem.The difference is,They must guarantee their IGU for at least 1 year.Over the years, I have received many units that leave traces between the glass.Its beauty is that the manufacturer cannot dispute it,Because no one but them can do that.OK,What if the window frame is vinyl instead of aluminum?Well,The main difference is that the glass no longer has the edge around the rubber gasket in the vinyl window.You do not remove the corner screws opposite and the split frame from the glass.What they do is place silicone or double sided tape on the frame lip of the glass.This is what put the glass in the frame.They then applied a quick stop on all four sides of the glass.So,You have to delete the stop first,Then open the panel and break the seal to hold the glass frame using a utility tool knife.Wear gloves in the process.If only one side of the IGU is broken,Not even thinking about fixing just one side.You will never get another piece of glass in the IGU frame without breaking the process.But,On the positive side,If the panel is a slider, stop loss can be removed without moving it out.Then you can measure the size of the glass.And command the new IGU.This way you can eliminate any window that needs to be temporarily masked.The same is true for the fixed part of the slider,Or picture window.Before you install the new IGUBe sure to clean the lips with tape or silicone,And apply silicone or adhesive tape.Either work.You will find it much easier to replace the IGU in the aluminum frame window than the vinyl window.But,In any case,You can do it yourself and save a few dollars.
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