aluminum panels DIY Guide of Vinyl Siding Repair

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
This article is a "do-it-yourself" guide to repairing ethylene stations.Talk about all the requirements for repair it
This is a gradual process guidelines.
Cracks occur sometimes in ethylene stand if the temperature is very low

Wait until spring to start repairing

If your wall is cracked or punctured
, or pull out of the house
, you may need to start the repair
.What if you can't identify the damaged part of the panel?Well, before you start repairing,, I strongly recommend that you go to professional, ask him for his help
This can ensure that in the process of repair
, you don't eventually damage part of the support, no damage
.The user guide to vinyl repair station
Once you have identified the damaged part, and are sure you want to "do"-itYour own
You need to
:-A new section that matches the damaged part perfectly.- a special "zipper" single panel
-Polyurethane packing- utility knife
- a carpenter's square
- a pencil
- tin or cut back saw
If you start repairing when it's warm outside, your job will be much easier.It's easier to manipulate ethylene is flexible
And .

If there is a layer of ice on the wall, don't try anything.If you do this, it would fall to pieces
.Repair your vinyl station
Start repairingBeside, use the zipper to open the panel above or damage
Raise and pried nails the damaged panel
.With a carpenter's square and pencil on the each side of the damaged area crossed
.Reduce the sheet metal panels cut or short cut and remove the damaged part
.-One inch at each end

Cut (only 1 inch if end in a corner or damaged part of the joints
.)Spring the top edge of the new parts and aluminum box nail a nail long enough to infiltrate into 1 inch
With zipper
At the other edgeThat would mark the end of the repair and new
.Vinyl repair the hole
:To perform this
, you need a small piece of ethylene, and stab from behind
. Place the punctured panel on a plane, then place it from the back and secure it together with cement and glue.Once you have done it
, the process of repair and end, you don't need to worry about these holes seen by guests visit your house
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