aluminum panels Different Types of Metal Roofing to Consider

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
One of the preferred materials for metal roofingDo you have a choice of metal roof is huge
. HoweverNot every metal roof for your house
In you to make a choice
You need to know the pros and cons of the varietyHere is an overview
.According to the different material types
Metal roof mainly using five kinds of materials
- tin, galvanized steelHigh value, aluminum and copper
.The main advantage of the tin roof is they have strong resistance to climate conditions.
They do not corrode
, rust or any other type of distortion, because environmental factors
. SoWell, if you live in a place where you're experiencing extreme weather,The tin roof can be a good choice
The limitation of the tin roof is a few years later they need to paint again

Second, second., installation of roof is difficult and labor-intensive
. ThirdlyOh, the iron roof is expensive

Galvanized steel roof also has a strong weatherability.
In addition
, you don't need to paint them every few years
They are highly durable, cause slight damage, if the surface is not degraded.

On the other side, is the key to the most high quality galvanized steel roof installation materials due to the cold heat expansion and contraction due to poor quality
.Galvalume is a steel coated with aluminum and zinc.The roof is very suitable for family is located in the coastal areas because the material is highly resistant to salt water corrosion
Easy to install the roofing material of panel
. They are hard, and when the two panels rub against each other, they automatically repair scratches.Paint transfer from one panel to another, covered with scratches
On the other hand
, Galvalume in terms of tensile strength is very weak.
. Also, the manufacture and installation options style smaller than other types of metal roofing materials
. ThirdlyOh, you can't see a big circular plate.-cutAnd .

It needs tailoring

Aluminum is suitable for humid weather, because it is the most resistant to corrosion
Metal is very durable
Another major advantage is that the weight of the aluminium lighter than steel and metal.

Aluminum reflects heat to keep the interior of the room coolThe limitations of aluminum is its cost
If you live in has experienced the area of hail and storm
, you need a higher gauge aluminum
Further, this increases the cost
.Copper roofs are attractive in terms of visual attraction.You can use the bare copper metallic lead or coat
If you leave it bare
, copper oxide and Patty present a beautiful color.
If you have a coat of lead
Copper glitters in its natural metallic coloIn addition to attractive
, copper roof height and durable
They are also easy to handle and install
And .

The disadvantage of copper roofs is their high cost

UsuallyThe form of copper is used for decorative purposesIn addition to the use of materials
And check the metal roof panel manufacturing and repair.
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