aluminum panels Custom Drapes

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Custom curtains have a lot of styles and we will try to describe some of themOne of the most important of the curtain is how to measure them correctly
For you, measure the following content is very important
:· A: at the top of the window
· B: top of window to ceiling· CWindow top to high lever
· E: the height of the window
, the measurement and the windowsill
· F:: Window widthExternal quantity· G: the distance from the past treatment are installing Windows
· H* window depth
In the measurement
· I: window width
, internal test· J: window length
Custom curtain measurement is not a complicated process.Each of the above, if you are measuring
Oh, you shouldn't have problems with custom curtains

However, remember that you will use what kind of custom rod grapes?
Including the spire rods
The end cap, ball or decoration
The main rules in effect at the time of measurement with decorative stick is not including measurement of finished product.
; ball or end cover, or overlap in the center of your custom curtain ba.Standard position calculation on the basis of custom fold stem usually should be extended window open/at the end of the width on both sides of the casing 3"
And .

So you can anchor your dangle firmly to the window and cover it under the slate

If you have a custom curtains
Do measurement, it is best to let the designer, to provide you with a quotation
If they haven't already,Offer, they will be for you to specify how much material, because this can be changed a lot with a lot of repetition
-- they know what they need, what do you want to make them responsible for
.(in addition, you also don't want to order again for your custom curtain, and took the risk from two different batches of cloth.
).Really only to cut the width and length of custom curtain
, determines the number of iterations per run, and adjusts the length of the cut to reflect the position of the patternAnd .

But you have to be precise and careful

Mistakes can be costly very fast
!First you decide what you want to style custom fold, do you want to completely exposed glass window
Then, you carefully consider what kind of bar will you use to do your custom curtains, then hang up it before any measurement.

Once the pole is in place, you can easily determine the return.Customize the finished width and length of the curtain
.Need more consideration is when measuring different title and hems have different fabric.
How much do you want to custom curtain hum
(3/4/5/6")Your plate is "beat", how many money
? If you are making a custom shadow with a holiday, do you want to retain a pattern when the shadow is completely lowered, or do you want the shadow to fall all the way down like a smooth panel?general
Lining, custom curtain pinch pleated fabric board you allow 2 1/2 times of the width of the finished product
All fold
With custom curtains and you often go to 3 sheers
-4 times the completed widthA lot of Numbers game depends on you want to customize the appearance of the curtain.
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