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by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Curtains are generally used to give new rooms, control lighting and privacy
The curtains have different color and pattern.
It will be confusing to choose a variety of them

Here is a simple way to select curtainsWe choose the curtain according to different room.
When we choose the curtain, the main purpose of the bedroom is to happy to see the room, blocking the sun as much as possible, for privacy
Thick curtain made of materials suitable for this room
And .

Speaking of kitchen curtains.They should allow enough lightGive a sufficient space, privacy, and to look at from the window
If it is sitting room or reading room, the curtain should be thin, because they must allow enough light through them during the day.
Here are some found in the market of the design and the right room
.The kitchen curtains
This room needs daylight and privacy.Design for this room is layered and curtains
Layered curtain open a browser window, cover the top and bottom of the window
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Use Valance at the top and privacy curtains at the bottomIf you don't like tyre curtain can choose the curtain

Commonly referred to as "price difference," it covers only the top of the window and is used to shield the sun from the sun

The living room curtains
: this room need more light than any other room
So the material should be thin and the curtain should be big
Usually these Windows of the room is very large

Transparent fringes and lace fringes are more suitable for these rooms.Big plate and the vertical
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They can be pulled aside or folded to one side.If you don't like the design, you can choose the lace panel
As pure lace panel panels, but they have a curtain can be used to save the curtain in the middle of the lace
.Bed curtain: the purpose of this room is to prevent the sunlight
Pleasant appearance and privacy
This room can use thick material
The TAB at the top of the panel
, plywood and embroiderboard are suitable for this roomAnd .

The panel at the top of the tab has a label at the top to provide a modern look for the room.They can be found in many colors
They look like knead sheets in addition to the top of the TAB
Embroidery plate handiwork.

This work can be done at the time of selection.The curtain of the bathroom
* the need of this kind of curtain is to prevent the water splashed to the place and privacy.
The curtains can be found in the polyester fiber and fabrics
.I hope this will help you in choosing the curtains for the home
. Any of these curtains can be found online or at the curtain shop.We give big discount curtain
The goods will be delivered to your home
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