aluminum panels Control Panel Design Software: Raw Aluminum Vs. Anodized Aluminum

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
If you need a custom control panelAnd many options can be used to design panel
The custom control panel design software is the most commonly used options control panel.
This software is often preferred for many reasons
For example,, they are usually the state
-of-theSophisticated programs
, they usually is convenient, because they are free and easy to download
, and they have many customizable options.

Some of the customizable options include fill colors(different colours is available for carving and panel
)Print (the plural of engraving)
(font and selection of geometry
)And the attachment
(including the same panel options))And the material
(different types of aluminum
, non-Black metal.-brass, bronze, copper, zincOrganic glass,
, or materials brought in by the custome).Most engineers know the difference between various materials.
And the following information will be detailed aluminum anodized aluminum and the difference between the original
.Anodized aluminum
Anodic oxidation process including through electrolytic passivation to increase the thickness of the metal in the natural oxide layer.
. in 1923, anodized sodium oxide was used for the first time in the use of anodized sodium oxide for underwater aircraft components made of aluminiumWhen the aluminum anode oxide film
, it provides:HoweverWith any contains more than one option
Aluminum anodic oxidation, there are also some disadvantages
. Once aluminum is anodized,Thermal conductivity is much lower
Therefore, anodized aluminum must be stored at temperatures below 80 degrees Celsius
, or it will crack
.Cast aluminium
Aluminum is most commonly found in aluminium compounds containing other elements, including sulphur, silicon, and oxygen,
Alumina ore is the only way to cheaply produce pure metal
, aluminum

Aluminum can be traced back to 5000b

CWhen it was first found in the Persian potters use clay
Aluminum has a number of important performance, make it be the first choice of the custom control panel, because it is not toxic.
No magnetic,
, strongLight weight,
And recyclableCast aluminium is usually the main reason of anodic oxidation is because it is easy to scratch and it cannot be easily
.When the custom control panel
, there are many different options to choose from.
Not only must decide which company and what kind of panel design software to use
, but there are also options within the softwaAfter selecting software is one of the most important decision is, kinds of materials.
Listed above are some of the material can be used in the custom palette
, and describes the aluminum anodic oxide film and the difference between the original

And finally, finallyBy the company that requires the customer panel to make these important decisions about the material used by the panel design software.
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