aluminum panels Concerns When Building Your Own Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
UL recognized- if you build your own solar system, in your eyes see the grand vision
You may want to take a step back
Will power grid or grid power company
-tyeIt's just that there's no "none" label on every solar panel., combined with panel related equipment
The UL label is almost impossible, unless you are god
!The structure of the solar panels
-How your team is formed is a matter of real concern.

If you are building your own panels, you need to make sure they are sustainableThey should use the strong aluminum frame using at least 1/4 inch toughened glass
In my experience
Plywood, building solar panels is a big mistake
They just won't last the elements of the weather
.Cell encapsulation- when you build high quality solar panels
, you need to seal the cell through a special packaging machine specially designed for solar panels
And .

If you look at a good business panelYou will see how to seal, allowing cells to flex and temperature change
.Electrical integrity- ensure that all of the solder joints are done correctly, so as not to have a cold or the electrical connection in the loose.
If you didn't charge controller diode then you need to have a build in each panel
The cause of the diode is trying to prevent the current returns to the solar panels
To run out of your battery
.Installation of solar panels- when you're ready to install solar panels need to think about how to install them
And .

What I'm looking at here again is the life span of your system.I know how to install system available, but is I recommend using 1 of electrical construction
- 5/8 of an inch
-just like you are in a local household goods store, the power supply company can provide support channels.It is ten or twenty feet in length
More and more channels parallel allows you to install board straight line
It also allows the air flow under your system, your system is in low temperature.
.As you can see people worry about building your own solar panels

I must stress once again that all of these people tell you that you can turn your watch backwards.I didn't tell you the whole story.Like I told you before
System, the grid is not allowed, unless your system has been approved by the local government, UL and check
Power company don't want one of the things is power being sent back to the grid.

All power grid connections must be equipped with an automatic system that will disconnect your solar energy from the incoming power supply in the event of a power outage.
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