aluminum panels Choosing A Fine Bubble Diffuser - Disc Diffuser - Tube Diffuser Or Panel Diffuser?

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Buyers of Foam Diffuser Sewage Treatment Plants and Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants have many options for selecting items for their projects.Diffuser is available in many shapes
, including CD
, tubes, squaresAnd rectangular plate
And with different materials, including EPDM elastomer and alumina porous medium.
, China
, or HDPEMany books and papers have been written in the difference between these media
.However, there are still many problems about the superiority and application of optical disc VS

tube vs. panel.Many manufacturers in this industry make various types of diffuse, even though they tend to and promote a more than any other part
, usually for commercial reasons
A product (they have a higher profit margins
) or product differentiation
(specified by customer or engineer)Competition, it's hard to find "equality"
).Many testing oxygen transfer efficiency for many years in the spread of each type
(Some of them are published in ATV HandMarch.)However, the product development is dynamic
And what was tested in the mid-1980s may not be applicable to modern optical discs today, tube and plate
.There are some common sense principles
, regardless of the development of the technology
.Made of expensive stainless steel recycling system
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Usually pipe diffuser for this reason in the retrieval system
.In a fixed system, pipes are fixed to the floorAnd long life and low maintenance is required
Than pipes, disc diffuser is more popular
.Where failure modes are important(i.eCatastrophic and
. slow) plate of diffuser pipe may be favored
Pipe diffuser usually have a big air hole.
, so for membrane rupture or failure
Well, a lot of air can come out of that hole.Starving the rest of the system

At a deeper level of the tank
The less benefit panel provided by the diffuser efficiency
Panels are usually designed to produce very fine bubbles.

In the shallow pool., this is a benefit
, although expensive, but because of the number of purchase and install the required equipment, panel systems are usually expensive.
However, in a deeper tanks
, so much of the oxygen transfer to bubble up 15 feet, bubble is oxygen depletion
Well, so the benefits vanish.Diffuser must also realized that a panel of head loss
Because the efficiency by what we get from the small bubble is often lost in extra energy to overcome the high back pressure panel membrane
.Regardless of the type of diffuser
, everyone should consider teflon coating diffuser
It can prolong the service life of the membrane and reduce the surface pollution

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