aluminum panels Choose the Perfect Solar Cells For Your Homemade Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
When trying to build your own homemade solar panels, it is important to thoroughly know your material
. Not all the solar cells is the same and how do you make them produce difference
Different types of solar cells is not only different in price
, but among the different features they presentThere are three different types of solar cells.
: single crystal solar panels
, amorphous and thin film panels

Let's analyze the differences between these options.Basically is composed of a silicon single crystal solar panels is cut into pieces
, nested in the metal structure
They are a more expensive than policrystal
On average, but they have more energy
. If you try to develop your first homemade panel,, this is what you want
The efficiency of the single crystal solar panels than policrystal poor light conditions
. However, you will find in the market the most common solar panels are the alarm.The fact is that they are cheaper
Because they're not made of a piece of silicon.But a lot of small pieces of the material
As a consequence
, they look like a broken glass Mosaic
.Amorphous solar panels is another way to production.

Tiny silica powder is sprayed on the metal plate, the most common aluminum plate
And .

They are the least expensive to make.The efficiency of the less, but they are now
, almost half as efficient single crystal panel
. But the advantage of amorphous plates is that they are protected by shadows.And last longer
For this reason they are most suitable for the ships
A lot of pressure, as well as the place of other devices
.Thin film solar panel is made up of silicon
But the silicon in it doesn't have a crystal structure.And .

It looks like a thin film that can be applied to different surfaces.They can also make copper indium selenide
(CIS) and cadmium telluride
(CdTe)Because they do not rely on the manufacture of silicon crystals
An expensive and time-consuming processThey can be faster and cheaper
, their versatility makes them can be installed in different surface.
, even in the flexible
.As a consequence
It is necessary to plan real energy needs in advance and your home-made solar panels will meetThis will reduce the cost
, improve the effectiveness of the device
Now, today
, you can buy a solar panels, can provide the price of 50 watts of about $two hundred and fifty
. SoYou can charge a 12-volt battery with only a small amount of itEnough to meet the average energy of a ship or a car demand.
. AlsoMust be taken into account, the physical limits
If there is need to place a flat panel
Or a corner., then, the film panel is the answer.As for the look
, amorphous panel is much more smooth.
And will look good on any surface
, even in plain sight
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