aluminum panels Chemical Milling

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
Chemical milling in industry is also called etching.This is a process of using the base,Materials that are not needed for acid or other chemicals to dissolve, such as semiconductor materials,Glass or metal.This process is used in a variety of metals,The removal depth is greater than 0.Realization of 5 inch or 12mm.It has applications in the semiconductor manufacturing and printed circuit board industry,Also employed in the aerospace industry,To remove thin metal/material from large aircraft components,Such as extruded parts and missile skin panels.There are different types of chemical milling.One is wet etching and the other is photochemistry etching.Different materials require different types of etching,for instance,Sodium hydroxide for aluminum,Iron chloride or ammonia or ammonium sulfate is used for copper.It is widely used in the manufacture of integrated circuits,Plasma etching is used in the semiconductor industry.Another type is photochemistry milling.This is a process of generating 2D shapes and parts by creating a chemical resist mask on a sheet metal surface,Then the chemical dissolution material is never masked.The chemical milling process is as follows:This type can provide high precision and detailed shapes in thin metal sheets,The process is particularly competitive in complex shapes and components.It can make thin sheet metal in almost any two-dimensional shape.Applications can include:The electro-milling is a method to remove metal by an electro-chemical method,And it is usually used for mass production of extremely hard materials.Electro-milling can cut odd or small shapes in hard steel such as cemented carbide,kovar,Inconel and titaniumIt is also widely used as an effective burrs removal process.
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