aluminum panels Car Dents - Things You Need to Know

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Sold decades ago than older models, the latest car sales in today's market more inclined to Ding Shihe dent
Automobile industry is the most important two factors in accident of safety and fuel economy.
Because of this
Cars designed by automakers and engineers are very much like a space frame, which consists of an outer body panel that extends over the frameThe latest car models are more prone to dents, because these exterior body panels are made of thinner material.
.The new model with external body panels made from different materials and steel sheet is no longer a simple introduction on broad
Automobile design and the body panels are usually made of dent
-Impact resistant plastic materials

Other materials used are made of highThe glass fiber
Soft aluminum,
And the high
High and new technology of carbon fiber
. Applicable to vulnerable areas, such as bumpersOften use, materials made of soft plastic compounds
When it comes to solve the weakened or repair a car
Each material provides different properties.Region vehicles is high
-impact plasticsWhen the carbon fiber and glass fiber and the corner collision objects such as children's toys, it is easy to produce dent.
, fences, or parking areas
It may even keep ditch from the other vehicles
Aluminum area known as sag easily.
.Depending on the severity and depth of the pit, most of the technical personnel's skills and knowledge in the field of auto sag repair can easily repair sag of almost all types of car
And .

Repair of major car dents may be too difficult for the average person.-itTheir owners but professional and technical personnel are trained to perform technical challenging cars to reduce maintenance
Is considered to be too extensive damage
Professional car repairmen have no choice but to remove bumpers or panels and have to install and paint new panels.If the damage is repairable
, without using any body filler and redraw method
Technician will dent from the panel on the back
.Don't do any painting can save you a lot of money to work in the body, it is also considered more effectively eliminate hailstorm auto sag and other types of indentation, affect the surface of the car

Sometimes a dent needs to be repainted.If that's the case., paintless dent removal is a great choice to painting the car
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