aluminum panels Cadillac XLR - New Supercar

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Apparently influenced by the Mercedes style-Benz SLK,The new Cadillac XLR shares other recent Cadillac.It doesn't look bad at all,Although the headlights seem to be squeezed next to the wide grille.Performance puts it in the super sports car category.Maximum speed is limited to 155 milesIt can be in about 5 to 60 miles.7 seconds -A little faster than Jaguar XK.Due to the larger engine.Other competitors include Mercedes-Mercedes SL and Porsche 911.Looks like you can cheat.The car is wide and low,and looks big.In fact,It's compact,just 177.5 inch long, 72.2 inches wide.The car looks good,Especially from the side.You got a very practical SLK-Wait and see the open roof.I think most of the redeemable will soon become "metal", redeemableAnd the top of the rag will disappear-Maybe not all the super cars.To save weight,The roof of XLR is aluminum and magnesium.Also,XLR has a lot of power:326 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 312 (423 Nm)at 4,400 transfer from GM's North Star 4.6 liter V-8,It may be a little difficult to work-350-360 bhp,It's not hard to get from this engine.It will make things more interesting.As it is,It's enough to give the car quite a push,Since Polaris has an aluminum block and head with each cylinder of dohc and four valves,it revs well.Variable valve timing improves the transmission of power,too.The engine is coupled to the rear five-Automatic Speed Transmission-5 Speed puts it in an unfavorable European super car, most of which have six-Automatic speed,But its purpose is to change the movement.Because the box is behind-The installation and the engine are pretty good back,The weight distribution before/after is 50/50.Based on the new platform for motor vehicles shared by GM and Corvette,XLR has a fairly light hydraulic frame-Formed steel pipe.The shape change of hydraulic forming is quite significant,Bend,Change the section to a rectangle, etc,Make a lightweight frame.The cabin is aluminum,The body panel is composite plastic.This is a structure that can compete with many supercars.This is a rather light structure.Despite the high level of equipment,The weight of this car is healthy,643 lb (1,654 kg)This is 130 more than the new light Jaguar XK.Of course, more than Corvette, it has lower specs, but a bigger engine.The suspension is the front and back of the familiar Corvette design double horizontal leaf spring.The result is simple,Light weight system to make more roller stiffness-Anti-roller-Than the coil spring.Also,The spring rate is gradual,So its bumps on the road are almost as easy as small.And a positive reaction-roll bar.To save weight,The front and back of the double crossarm are aluminum;of course,The composite steel plate spring is light,too.This type of leaf spring-Just a leaf-It's actually quite advanced technology because they didn't find the wheel,And it involves some smart manufacturing technology.The damper is a new continuous variable-magnetic type,And the steering speed is sensitive,So you get more assistance at a low speed.Because this is Cadillac.It is equipped with a high specification.For Europe,navigation,And the heating/cooling seat is the standard adaptive speed control and head-up display.The interior,with its wood,Built on the same plant and the same concept as Corvette,Cadillac XLR is the best idea to soften the Corvette's intention for those who want a better ride.Visibility is good due to slim pillars on the open roof,And almost flat cover.The instruments like Corvette and the driving position are very good.And a head-The display shows only the speed and which gear you are in,And you can't seem to close.Pity.I did not find it useful.Steering is not bad at all,And XLR turned very well,As you expect the weight distribution,But once you start pressingYou're starting to feel a little disobedient.This is not a bad thing for the market. this is-More is the luxury sports car that is difficult to charge the super sports car driver.But the corner of the car is not as fast as you can turn more neutral.Automatic is good.In D,Performance is not good at all,and the kick-Down is quite positive.There is also a manual mode.Push the lever to the left,And then push it forward,And come back down.This job is very good,It's actually a manual.I mean,Some of them actually move up when you reach the peak.Not this one;It just keeps you there until you are ready.Overall,Cadillac XLR is a good addition to the sports two ranks-Seater luxury car,But it did not meet the standard of Jaguar XK, nor did it meet the standard of Aston Martin V8 Vantage.Others consider including stronger and more athletic Corvette and snake SRT-10.
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