aluminum panels Burj Dubai - Scaling Record Global Heights

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
Has been recognized as the tallest tower in the worldBurj Khalifa made another global number one in May 12, 2008, when it was officially recognized as the tallest building and the tallest person-Human structure in the world.The glass panel, mounted at a dizzying height of 512 M, takes over the current record holder of a building of up to 636 M,Malaysia's twin towers are 181 metres.The heart of downtown Dubai and one of Dubai's iconic landmarks,Burj Dubai,Surrounded by plush open green space and spacious pedestrian avenues, in addition to the combination of residences,commercial,leisure,Hotel and entertainment outlets including Dubai Mall,The largest shopping center in the world.A large man-Make the lake surround the tower to provide each facade of the tower with a dramatic but different day and night-time views.The tower itself is made up of fashionable residential apartments.the uber-Luxury Armani hotelhigh-Technical office space,Four magnificent swimming poolsExclusive resident lounge and elite cigar club and country-of-the-Art and fitness facilities,Serviced homes and observatory.Literally translated as "du Baita"The Burj Khalifa was originally conceived as 90-Layer structure.An ambitious desire to build a global icon has aroused this towering magnum opus in steel,Concrete and glassThis makes the world sit back and recognize the Dubai real estate development market as a world-leading competition.According to Mohammed, Ali, Alabama.Chairman of Emar Real EstateThe Burj Khalifa is not just a masterpiece of architecture and engineering;This is a real human achievement that will be impossible to compete even equal.As an example at the point,The Council for High-Rise Buildings and Urban Habitat plans to hold its 8 th World Congress in Dubai and use the Burj Khalifa as a prototype to showcase Hyundai-The sky structure is pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering.
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