aluminum panels Building Outdoor Bulletin Boards - Ten Simple Features to Include on Your Display

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
When building outdoor bulletin boards for schoolschurch,Association of communities or homeownersThese ten simple features will make your message center more available,Professional image of the project,The most important thing isprovide long-lasting,Easy to maintain.Larry Kontny,Buddha Magnolia Terrace Homeowners Association Secretary Finance DirectorFlorida,The poor quality bulletin board was mistakenly purchased last year.Water and humidity are a major concern for people who live in the community's 130 sites around 20 miles west of Orlando.1.Using an anodized aluminum frame, there is a moisture-proof support and silicone sealant."The first board we purchased has the support of a particle board, which absorbs water like a sieve ",said Kotney.The letter plate is distorted and becomes a sponge.2.Shatter-Prevent damage and responsibility against doors and windows.Breaking or kicking stones from a passing truck can cause a cheap window to break.Do not use glass,safety glass,Or acrylic doors and windows.Use polycarbonate brands such as Lexus or Makrolon SL.3.Make sure you have an UV inhibitor on your doors and windows and the surface of the post to reduce the destructive effects of the sun's rays.Some auto parts stores sell clear UV glass tin-plated films that can be applied to windows."The sun heats the enclosed cabinet like an oven.The board of directors exposed to the south disappeared in a few months, and some letters melted and became brittle ",said Kotney."We have to change that, too.4.The Louver vent cap should be installed on both sides of the cabinet to dissipate any heat accumulation or ambient humidity.Exhaust caps should be screened to prevent insects such as spiders or Wasps from entering the bulletin board cabinets and nesting.A loud vent also prevents condensation from passing through the doors and windows of the fog to prevent temperature difference.5.Lock the door to secure access to the posting surface, so the posting is official."One morning, I came out and found some kids rescheduled the letter to spell a profanity message.Thomas Keane saidPast Chairman of the limestone Acres Homeowners Association in WilmingtonDelaware."The neighborhood association was not teased.6.The door frame shall have a full length piano hinge to support the weight of the door when it is opened.The aluminum shell frame will wear quickly and fatigue using several small hinges.7.The door frame should have a rubber gasket seal to prevent vertical rain from infiltrating through the gap.Tight door frames are important, especially for residents in coastal areas, experiencing strong vertical winds.8.Cabinet should be at least 3-1/4" depth.This allows extra letter panels to be added to the room,chalk boards,Dry erase board or bulletin board.These extra types of panels make your community messaging center very flexible and allow creativity during holidays or on different occasions.9.The title of the name can be included in the display cabinet or logo sheet

10.Make sure the cabinets are equipped with a one-year manufacturing guarantee.Any problems due to improper material or assembly will occur in the first year of exposure to elements.Kenny said he appreciated his new bulletin board, which was provided free of charge by a reputable manufacturer."I like it,They don't have"Said Ginny on his new bulletin board."In fact,We will change the other one soon.It was destroyed by the sun's light.I will get another one like this because it is easy to maintain.
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