aluminum panels Building a Solar Panel - Constructing an Aluminum Frame

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
I found the best way to build a solar panel using an aluminum frameTo build an aluminum frame can be confused, if you are not familiar with the cutting Angle
The following is a list of 3 x6 inches solar cells for a 70 - watt solar panel tectonic framework of the required content.
We 27 frame size measure 32 x 3/4"
.The first thing you have to do is put the elbow box on a flat surface or bench for easy cutting.I use the provided hole put me on a bench.
You need to measure your first solar frame 27 inches
This is the tricky part cut any Angle
Is the angle direction obtained in the right direction

NextWell, we need to put the angle at one end of the bender box.Laid the aluminum in the Angle of oblique box close to you
, we will have our first cut
A 45 degree Angle
This will be a to the right
. Use your saw to cut off the wound.To reduce
This is more easy to clip your aluminum rhombic box using a c
-A clamp or squeeze., which makes much easier
.When you finish your first shot,, from cutting Angle measuring 27 ', with a pencil or marker aluminum.
Is the easiest way to make the cut slides aluminium, but have to leave the face of the 45 degree Angle
And put the mark on the herringbone box of incision.
Hey, hold your proportion.Now measuring block, it should be 27"
And .

Go on, make another 27 "that matches what you just did., and then let the two pieces in the same way as in 32 3/4"
Make sure your files from any of the cutting burrs
.Now we're going to assemble our framework.Put you in a plane, with a square check to ensure that your frame is square
Your each hole Angle brackets and mark in every corner of the center
. Next, use the start bit (such as 1/8 "drill bit to drill every hole.
And then complete each hole drilled 1/4"

Use 1? 2 "machine screwsPut the head of the screw in the outside.And then apply the washer and nut
To strengthen every corner
. Congratulations
Well, you've put your first solar frame in place. You can mount your toughened glass and start adding your solar cells

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