aluminum panels Build Your Own DIY Solar Panels For Shocking Low Cost - Part 1 - Slash Your Electricity Bill!

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
It's very beneficial to put solar panel arrays for your home and cut your electricity bill peanuts and even completely eliminate the electricity bill-Both financially and in terms of achievement and satisfaction.Of course, you can pay a lot for the contractor to do all or part of the work,But putting your own panels together is easier than you think-If you have the right guidance.This series of articles will outline the basics involved in assembling solar panels,These steps are outlined,From start to finish.The first article in this series will deal with the materials and tools you need to build solar panels at home (don't worry -Can anyone do this).The first thing to consider is the solar cells that you have to assemble into an array.How much you spend on these depends on you.But in some cases, you can usually get debris or defective solar cells from a contractor or eBay, as these are often considered waste.Flawless and brand new cells can also be packaged in bulk,Complete the interconnect in some cases.Even brand new cells can cost much less than preparing to assemble panels.You also need a good substrate material to install the cells-It also depends on you, but Yanggang or plywood can be well introduced and ready-made materials that you can buy from a local hardware store.Substrate makes it easier to process a set of cells,And let you take the whole lot to the solar panel housing without having to install each battery into the housing separately.If you use Yanggang as a substrate,Be sure to paint the panel to make sure the moisture does not penetrate into the masculine.The house itself, we will use plywood with a square wood frame of three quarterly inches outside.To cover the array,plexiglass (Perspex)can be used.Other materials you need include the Jones plug (One of the few professional projects needed-But don't worry.They get it easily),Silicone calipers,super glue,Some exterior paint seals the surface of the wood,And some aluminum profiles or wood form around our solar panel box (Ideally about 3/4 square metersBut this is not the key).The tool you need is a saw.Some screwdriverAnd a soldering iron is the first choice.But not absolutely necessary.In the second part, we will assemble a shallow box to hold the cells,And to install and wire our panels.
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