aluminum panels Build Solar Panel For Your Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
You want to build solar panels to save electricity for your home., the production of eco-friendly energy
, or both
In either case
It's not hard to build your own solar panels

Many people are there to build its own panel.
Their thoughts, because they find it easier to do
They also like the benefits from their own panel
.There are two ways to build your own solar panels for your family

Build from scratchWhat you need
:The use of wood in a square box, and insulation mounted at the bottom.
Cordless drill and screw assemble wooden boxes
.Then you should insert the insulation of the copper coils
This absorbs heat.Now, you should use aluminum foil to keep absorbing heat and sealing gap filling material
.The final step is to aluminum on the black list
, and then put your poly glass on the sheet.All this is to build it from scratch
.Using Solar KitIf the first option looks like technology
Package, you can use the solar energy rather than to build solar panels
.Toolkit provides all the necessary components
, such as solar cells
, solder, etc

You must follow the instructions on the equipmentThese instructions are not hard to understand
But pay attention to the details

Once you have completed the task
, it will be clear sailing
. So take this step and destroy your family and yourself with free ecology.Electric material
Once you start to use solar energy
, you ask yourself why not start earlier
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