aluminum panels Build a Solar Panel For Your Home - 5 Things You Must Know Before Beginning

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
It's very simple to build your own solar panels.A bit of up-The previous planning and preparation work made the whole work easier.The solar panels you build on your own, each one is as efficient and durable as you can buy, and the cost will not take a few years to pay.Solar panels are not all complicated when you break them down into their parts.Single solar cell,Mainly made of silicone.Create the energy chain through the panel and into the system.Cells are placed in a shallow frame and enclosed in a transparent covering.More than Xa0 panels collect a lot of energy into the system.Remember the following tips when planning to build the first panel.1.Your cells.The amount of energy generated by any panel will be determined by its individual cells.The efficiency of the cell is based on its size,Factors such as age.If you plan to install cells that are already in use,You should know their history (i.e.Have they used it before?For how long?etc).Xa0 when using new cells to check their efficiency levels,It describes the amount of energy that can be generated per square inch.Total battery efficiency helps determine the total panel capacity.2.Wiring -The cells must be welded together correctly.Use cells that already have labels as much as possible.This will reduce the amount of work required by at least 50%.Make sure the battery is properly connected to prevent reverse current.Follow the wiring instructions of the guidance guide.3.Frame -Frame built from plywood or aluminum.Aluminum is a better option when possible because it is more weather resistant.When using woodMake sure all the work is drawn.The platform where the cells sit can be made of thin plywood as it will be completely closed.The Xa0 frame should be as thin as possible to prevent shading profiles on cells.4.Enclosure -Use an plexiglass or EVA vinyl film and make sure the entire panel is water tight using all the front and back edges around the xa0 silicone Chuck.Remember to surround or draw the bottom and frame of the platform to prevent wind.5.Use a high quality guide, explain all of the above requirements and provide the necessary cabling scheme and installation advice for each panel and the entire system.Other factors,If the inverter will affect the efficiency of the whole system, these must be considered to obtain the maximum solar panel.xa0Again,If you get the best guide,All these problems will be solved.
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