aluminum panels Best Way on How to Build a Solar Water Heater - DIY Solar Hot Water Heater

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
One of the biggest uses of gasOil and electricity are the heating of water in our house,Swimming pool,schools,offices,hospitals,And many others.Using a solar thermal water heater system is a very efficient and easy way to get energy from the sun and use it.Knowing how to build a solar water heater so that you can be a great and cheap alternative to those commercial solar water heaters costs up to $2,000.You can find all the equipment and materials, and you need to be much lower than those that cost business.Then have to DIY (Do it yourself),You are the first in your way, many free and environment friendly hot water showers.The instructions below are based on the fact that everyone who must have a guide plans to have their home environment friendly use of solar and wind power.For supply,you will need:,relief valve,Black plastic pipe,The first step is to build your hot box.This is a wooden box covered with glass or in our casePart of the storm window to capture heat from the sun.Then a manifold is built in the finished box using copper collector plates and water pipes.In here,The collected sun heat will warm the water.Now connect the tank located above the collector box and the manifold socket.This will deliver warm water to the storage tank and the water from the cooler to the collector.Also check the leak before you start using it frequently.If you find water escaping from anywhereCompletely empty the hot water system before solving the leak point.Finally,You can then apply the black paint to the collector board and manifold and protect any visible wood and oil-based coating.Put the homemade solar water heater at a 45-degree angle and connect the water tank,You are ready now.Now you know how to build the solar water heater system?This will lead to about two savings-30 in the previous hot water heating act and environmental protection.
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