aluminum panels Best Solar Panels - Basic Info and International Survey Results

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
If you are planning to purchase a complete solar panel system or if you are purchasing components to assemble your own solar panels, you want to make sure you purchase the best solar panels for your personal purposes.This article presents some basic information about solar panels to help you make the right decision.One thing is starting,There's nothing like "the best solar panels in the world for everyone."Whether you want to generate power for your home, even with excess capacity in the grid, or charge your car's battery now and then, it's a big difference.Producing hot water from solar installations actually requires a completely different technology.In a narrow sense, the so-called "hot solar collector", or "solar collector", is not even an appropriate solar panel.So what's the difference?Solar panels (Photovoltaic panels,Photovoltaic Module)Converting short-wave radiation,e.g.Part of the sun,Into power.They are made up of interconnected solar cells that are protected by a variety of different materials.The surface is transparent, the solar panels are framed,Mainly in aluminum frame.Solar collectors, on the other hand,It is a tube system full of liquid.Solar heating tube and liquid.The heat exchanger now transfers heat to the facility water circuit for warm water and heating.Now that this article discusses, "the best solar panels," Let's go back to generating electricity from the sun and save solar collectors for another article.Before purchasing solar panels, please make sure you check the solar panel spec sheet carefully.It provides you with important details of specific solar modules and helps you choose the best solar panels for your purposes.You may need to look at the following data in particular:Solar cells themselves-What kind of semiconductor material is being used?--Single crystal silicon battery (c-Si)--Polysilicon cells (mc-Si)--Flat-film amorphous silicon battery (a-Si)5% efficiency--7% (thetime)--M I c r o crystalline silicon cells (µc-Si)Combined---Gallium-Cells of arsenic acid (GaAs),Cadmium-Tellur cells (CdTe)Cells of yellow copper ore (CIS,CIGS)Efficiency from 10 to more than 40% (GaAs).They are not (yet)For most private clients,Because they're either expensive or not fully developed yet.yet.--Panels containing organic solar cells may become the best solar panels in the future,Because they can be produced at a relatively low cost.They are still very inefficient at this time (Gray color gray-Cells have the largest.10 %,Other lower)And their short life expectancy (5000 hours).But remember portable electrical equipment.Always look at the efficiency of solar modules,Not only is it a separate solar cell, but is aware that the degree of high efficiency is not a high minimum power rating.(See a paragraph)It tells you about the power of a specific solar cell module.Ensure inspection (warranted)The minimum power since the maximum power,Description in peak watt (Wp),Always measured under standard test conditions (STC).As you know,Nature is not a laboratory.It offers real living conditions and they can be surprisingly different in many ways.Open voltage,The statement is in Volts (V),It is the maximum voltage generated by the solar cell when lighting, not connected to the load.The hotter the solar panels,The lower the open voltage.Temperature operating range (TOR)As mentioned above,The operating voltage decreases as the temperature rises.Make sure TOR fits your local climate.Considering that you are buying a fragile high-tech product that may be installed on your roof and should be able to withstand the baked sun and wind,Hail and heavy snow load.Select the correct installation system.Medium responsibility is good,Heavy duty is better.It is useless when blowing down the roof and crashing on the ground.Compare the panel size to the active area to avoid wasting space.Inverter conversion solar power generation (Direct current,DC)Alternative Current (AC).Look for inverter with heavy duty copper wound output transformer.You set it up and forget it.Otherwise you will have your inverter fixed or replaced -?Sooner or later.In the worst case, it can become a necessary regular.It's not fun, it's a waste of time and money.20 -Mono 25 year warranty-Polysilicon solar panels are common.This should be the minimum for buying solar panels,From today on, the life of the best solar panels is expected to be 30 years or more.Look at the factory warranty and don't just accept the warranty from the dealer.Now it's up to you to choose the solar panels that best suit your needs.Take the time to compare different panels,Inverter and installation system.If you want to purchase a complete solar system and install it,Contact multiple dealers.Now you can ask them the right questions.Below I list some manufacturers of solar panels,.ENF is a reputable photovoltaic information company in China and the United States.K.The survey provides a great starting point for you to find the right panel for you.Keep in mind that 2 years can be long in high-tech businesses so don't blindly rely on results.Please check my blog from time to time for actual information (see below).Here are the results of ENF:Global No.1 Brand:SunPower (USA)Global No.2 Brand:Schott Solar (Germany)Global No.3 Brand:Solar World (Germany)No.1 product quality:Sanyo (Japan)No.1 value for money:Suntech Power supply (China)Global No.1 Brand:Kaco new energy (Germany)Global No.2 Brand:Output power system (USA)Global No.3 Brand:Mastervolt (Netherlands)No.1 product quality:Output power system (USA)No.1 value for money:Kaco new energy (Germany)Global No.1 Brand:Direct power and water (USA)Global No.2 Brand:UniRac (USA)Global No.3 Brand:Schüco (Germany)Global No.1 Brand:Zomeworks (USA)Global No.1 Brand:Sharp (Japan)
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