aluminum panels Bass Boats Made With Translucent Aluminum Bottoms

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
It won't be cool to have a panel that the bass boat sees on the lake.-throughWe know that the bass boat is made of aluminum
, but if the bottom of the aluminum plate with a piece of board, translucent, are they?
, seamless
.If you do it well, you don't even need a fish scout.Underwater, you can see the fish swimming under you.
It must be hot
, it will certainly give the advantage of the fishing boat fishermen
And .

You have to feel sorry for the poor fish who have this technology

WellIf you think it's impossible to make translucent aluminumThink again,
In Hamburg, Germany some scientists to getting rid of the aluminum atoms in the electronic, make it become translucent.
Such a high
High-tech materials will be some people think that may is the fourth state of material
.There are various military uses now.The U.S. air force secret stealth aircraft, as is well known
, or predator drone unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) stealth aircraft
And .

But as far as I'm concerned, I'm sure I 'll bring this technology to my side.What about you,
?Of courseNow scientists can only do the task with a small amount of material., but in the future
, if it is all they can do any size of the panel type of application
Maybe you can drink beer from a translucent aluminum can when you look at the fish swimming below you when you are in the lake
Think about it
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