aluminum panels Basic Understanding of Military Standards in Your Fastener Business

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Military Standards(MS) design and implement such a huge industrial support system can keep synchronization with the demand of the military
In the U.S.
, the army is the main commodity buyers
Especially from weapons systems to aircraft to suppliesThe army relies on two things to be effective.
Unity and supply: from the private sector
Hardware consists of the private sector must conform to the lady
.Some of the hardware used on planesFor example,, including the rivet
The plural, fasteners (fastener)
, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, cables, guidance and some electrical system hardware
In the modern aircraft rivet is common
. Threaded fasteners and rivets are generally recognized as standard aircraft and military numbers.(mil-spec)Tens of thousands of rivet is usually used in a single body
They also use the gripping ribs
, fixed Spar sectionDifferent parts of the fastening parts

This establishes the importance of fasteners that meet specific criteria, so that, with the joint efforts of a large number of participants, a safe and capable aircraft can be created.A clear understanding of a variety of hardware driver characteristics and strength as well as the right way to identify them is very important.
They head shape
, lengthsOther dimensions, and helps to distinguish them
. Further, use modern aircraft hardware equipped with special code Numbers of military standard.

When distributing ms hardware, make sure you understand what you need to look foYou want to be known as a distributor and is not only a reputation in a timely manner
, but also a knowledgeable personThe plane is about different kinds of fasteners and hardware small items into the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance
Build a plane is a very hard work
. It cost a lot of time and money to ensure that a high-quality aircraft was built.In addition to make it look attractive
, also need to make sure that the plane is completely safe
For the army when building the house
, make sure you keep in the current military standards
.An example of the greater use of rivets in military products is rigid rivets.-Embedded rivets for connecting key components, resulting in the strength of the structure
Example the rivet holding the framework of aluminum sheet metal aircraft fuselage
, or will the steel plate with rivets on the truck body frame.

Rivet 600 is a special corrosion-resistant alloy composed of nickel,(78%Chromium)
,(15%) iron,(7%) and other trace elements
This is a high strength
And acceptable temperature extremes
. It's hot.-treatedThis is a very expensive materials
Due to the content of nickel
Its main purpose is on the aircraft engine.
This is in AN123301 material
-450 and 123601- 750 rivet series
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