aluminum panels Automotive Three Stage Paint

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Today's automotive coatings are durable and stain resistant, with high glossToday is the use of two main phases of vehicle primer paint process
MAO, transparent,
There are a lot of the color of the three phase become welcome

The best example is the Pearl White used by GM in Cadillac.From different point of view, the color of the paint seems to have changed.
This is due to the mid coat
Apply primer before and after the clear coat
And .

The middle coating contains Pearl powder and covers a wide spectrum of colors.

If you look closely,You can see purple small pieces
, reds, blue and other colors, make the pearl looks more luster.
This type of car repair coating is also referred to as the "three layers", some of the paint manufacturing
.The three stages process encourages painter crazy when trying to match the color
. TypicalWhen a fender need replacing
, mixed color back to the door to a suitable color matching
And .

When preparing for mixing, all items are removed from the door, such as handles., glass, moldings and trim

To apply a coat or a first stage to the fender and insert it in part on the door.The application of the second phase is transparent coating.
Applied in two layers, fenders and complete door
After another base spraying process or the first stage
, mixed into the door did not produce an acceptable color matching.

The industry must come up with a solution to the problemThe answer need to machining process is referred to as area
.The same types of damage that previously required mixing entry now include preparing and trimming the same side of the additional undamaged panel.According to the color and position
, you may need to paint the whole vehicle in order to achieve an appropriate color matching
. When viewed from different angles, some custom colors also seem to have changed dramatically.One example is the change from the rust color deep purple and car actually seem to experience a change colors toward or away from you
This is due to the special effect of pearls and scarce
.Is alumina platelets Xiralic effect, and then coated with metal oxide.
These platelets make comprehensive use of a new crystallization process

Compared with typical pearl-type applications, the additive is expensive.And .

The addition of three stages of the finishing process will take a considerable amount of time to complete.Conclusion three stage process again to keep and increase the visual impact of today's cars
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