aluminum panels Automatic Sliding Aluminum Doors

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
The aluminum sliding door is completely moved to the side by the panel of the door, neatly stacked togetherThe earliest forms of traditional Japanese architecture can be seen
Now, they have become an obvious characteristics of most of the public space, such as shopping center.
And hospitals,

Manufactured with advanced track and frame systems, with superior sliding mechanismThey provide the appearance of the energetic for any property, and help maximize the amount of light in the room, bring into full play the potential of the landscape.
They are a viable alternative to bi
Folding door
The belt width can reach 120 cm

What are the advantages of automatic aluminum sliding doors?Disabled people friendly,
- these automatic doors open and close
.Security features,
- they have the latest security features and wireless remote control
. The timer allows security guards to lock the door without having to approach them

A · steps to account
- the number of open the door
And .

This is useful pedestrian information in a mall or store

Style and variety

These doors are made of aluminum.And can be used to describe the company's logo, etc.
In the office
The latest frameless glass door is very popular in the office
Outside, where they allow uninterrupted view program
.Because they only open when someone comes near the gate, so they keep the heat or cool.Automatic aluminum sliding door part is
Automatic sliding doors usually consist of the following componentsOperator,
· Header· TrackCarrier wheels,
Sliding door plate(s)Sidelite panel,
(s)· JambsLock and activation/security Settings
Door plank is made from extruded aluminum and safety glass, in order to improve visibility.
.The application of automatic sliding aluminium door

, the heavier will be the moving panel

Suitable for the office
And the hospital
, malls, banksThe plural, restaurants (restaurant)
, art galleries, etc

The application of door, fire and smoke
Energy conservation,
A safety control
And the application of directional control or card access control
Inspection procedures;-The door is used to open and close automatically 48 hours
.How they are assembled
?When they are shipped
That installation with them
.: all instructions should be read carefully, install it needs two or more than two people
Be careful, glass processing
Carefully operating power tools according to the manufacturer's instructions
What is weathering??The windshield uses an insulating belt to seal the sliding plate with the weather elementIt must be replaced
.Automatic sliding door should pay attention to what?
Installation is not easy
- track must be completely consistent
And more than one person is required to install a sliding door

Tracking adsorption dust, because it is a series of groove dirt to accumulate very quickly
Gate jams sometimes because rust and dirt of the metal parts
And .

In this case, they must change.Lubrication can also help on a regular basis
.If there's a power outage,, they will be blocked, was forced to open
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