aluminum panels Are the Metal Screens the Best Gutter Guards Available?

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
When you search online or when you go to the store to find the trench guard, the model will be the first metal mesh screen
They are absolutely is one of the most popular products on the market.
They have been around for quite a long time to get the favour of customers

But does their popularity make them the best gutter guards you can get??Metal screen has many advantages.
The first is easy to install
They usually have a clip
, so that you can quickly place them safely without using any tools.

All you need to do is press the clip while you put the panels on the top of the drain and release them.It is so simple
.Metal mesh screen can well protect the leaves.
Small aperture don't let any of the leaves in the drain
At the same time
Well, these holes are big enough to let water in.This ensures that the optimal flow of water
As a result
, prevent the flooding of rain, causing damage to the structure of the house

The screen is made by metal
, usually aluminum or galvanized steelThese two materials are waterproof.
In addition
They cannot be the main problem with the sun's uv plastic counterparts
These qualities make the metal screen is quite durable.

This is an excellent advantage

So farGutter guard, metal screen might be the best
But that's the problem.It is very easy to install
, but the video does not provide a good stability
. The screen will not be blown away by the wind., but they may not be able to withstand strong wind
.Maybe metal mesh gutter guard the main problem is that they do not provide the best pieces of gutter protection
. In addition
And they can be relatively easy to jam

This is because of their reticular structure.And .

These holes are large enough to protect the drain from the leaves., but not the little pieces
, such as the branches of the
Tree seeds and pine needles

These fragments can actually plug the holes in the grid and create more trouble

Although the metal screen and durable
They are not particularly strong
Most of the model is made up of relatively thin metal plate
This makes them more vulnerable to bend under pressure from snow or ice
.OverallThe metal screen may not be the best gutter guard., but they certainly have a lot of features
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