aluminum panels Anta Lighting is a Good Home Decor

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
When you think of the idea of home decoration, illuminate your home to come in automatically.Once you have purchased other necessary decorations such as furniture,wall art,carpets,Tapestries and others you can focus on buying the necessary lighting and accessories for your home.The contemporary lighting solution is broad, including LED lights,OLED lights,sconces,table lamps,chandeliers,Chandeliers and viewing lights.There are several famous and popular brands who sell designer lights as well as beautiful and as wall decorations.One of the brands is Anta lighting.Anta lighting is a German company, led by Gertrude kahte, who has built a name for himself over the past 25 years.This brand creates lamps and decorative lights with young designers that make your home look impressive.Their collection includes floor lights,wall lamps,table lamps,And ceiling units.This brand is the pioneer of modern European design lighting group.Materials mainly used for Anta lighting include aluminum,nickel,And a combination of matte chrome in opaque acrylic.The way these lights are designed, they not only light up a room, but also help to set up the perfect mood,Whether it's a party at home or a lazy night.It creates a halo that lights up the dull gray world around you and makes you feel happy and relaxed.One of the most popular designs for Anta lighting is Calmetta hanging lights.This lampshade is a combination of aluminum-colored metals and white translucent acrylic.It can adjust the height with extra weight if needed and has been designed by Rolf Heide.Another outstanding design is a mid-day light made of satin chrome plated matte metal and acrylic panels.The lamp is made of acrylic panels with direct and indirect lighting.The ZAC swing arm wall light is another Frank oehloop for innovative lamp design.It has a satin chrome finish frame with partial design to provide light in all directions.Other prominent lights include Anta spoon lamps,Anta Nora light,Da Yan lamp,And Juni halogen suspension lamps.Anta lighting manufacturers maintain high quality standards and create lamps for precision and care.These lights look beautiful, even when used during the day,Just as a decoration on the wall.If you have purchased Anta lighting your home,You can rest assured that you have a quality product that you have now.
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