aluminum panels An Introduction to Doors

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
What is the door?How is it made?What does it do?What is its use?All the points we would like to mention in this article.A door is used to connect areas that may be outside and inside of two rooms or houses.It provides a way to travel between the two regions.A door,In the most basic formIt is made up of some kind of panel of a specific material that can be opened by swinging or sliding.This panel can be hinged on the door frame or just to support the wall.This article will deal with the more common doors used today.1)a)The Panel (Leaf)The door panel or leaf is part of the movement of the door.It is usually open as big as it is and can sometimes be seen divided into two parts (As seen sometimes in the barn with the horse).The panel may swing or side shift to the left or right (Even up).It can be made of many different materials, such as wood,steel,iron,aluminum,PVC,glass,etc.b)The frame surrounds the panel and saves it in place.It is made of 2 pajamas (sides),a header (top)and a sill (bottom).There is no window sill needed in the interior door.The door frame is usually not pronounced and can be mixed with the wall they have installed.There are as many materials for frames as panels.c)The Trim (Liner)Trim is the decorative part of the door for visually connecting the frame and wall interface together.Most of them apply to the frame where the walls overlap slightly, making it look like the frame is really wider than it is.Again,The trimming material can be different but is usually made of wood.d)Swing door needs hinge in panel-Frame interface.The sliding door needs some kind of top or bottom (or both)Track the track the panel slides along the left or right side.Swing door hinges are usually the cause of strength made of metal (Like sliding track)And at least 2-panel door.e)A handle or lock is not necessarily required for the door, but we see at least most handles.It's just easier to have a good grip when moving the panel.The handle is usually made of metal or possible wood.The door lock can be in various forms, such as turning the thumb,latch-type,Hook or key lock.Most locks are made of metal for strength and durability.2.Door is probably one of the oldest inventions in the world.The gateway must always be closed for its purpose.No contact with mobile doors (such as cars)Two main uses today are "outside", and "inside", doors.a)This type of door provides entrance and exit to the house.It has a windowsill and a skystrip to seal the elements more efficiently.This is also the main attraction in front of the house as the main entry point.The outer sector provides a better insulation value than the interior doors and is designed to reduce heat from the outside to the inside on cold days.The exterior walls can be made of multiple panels, such as double doors or folding/accordion doors, to produce a larger opening.In general,Foreign departments are bigger and heavier than internal departments.The use of glass in exterior walls is very common.b)This type of door is the passage between rooms.It is usually smaller and lighter than the outer door, but the use and material are similar.They have no windowsill,Doors under the airflow are usually welcome at home.3.The doors can be traditional or modern and there is very little mix of the two.Modernity determines the lack of gorgeous wood carvings,for example.It tends to be simple and straight.The traditional door tries to imitate the more detailed craft that the days have passed.The door can provide different degrees of open space and light with a single panel or many panels.Interior doors do not always have to be between rooms, but the bed room can be moved from closet space.This usually saves space by sliding doors.We see larger doors in the barn and garage where the doors slide or move up parallel to the ceiling.Designed to sacrifice functionality in most barn and garage scenes.It has to be said that the door is so common that there is not much thought to spend on them unless you may be in the process of buying them.But every time you see one, you are impressed.So the oldest invention is still the most useful after all.
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