aluminum panels Aluminum Sheet Advancement in the Automotive Industry

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Can be in a wide range of thicknessesAluminium is thicker than the aluminum foil, but thin metal plate
It usually range of 0
. 006 inches to 0
080 inchIn the range,
And its cutting ability usually run in slit width
A quarter inch to 36 inches wide
, core size is 6 inches, 12 inches or 16 inchesThe table function in the same range is 2 inches width of 180 inches long
, non- organization staggered
.Building MMI recently published an article called "European aluminium prices five
9% weekly construction index
. "in additionAfter the "stable for a week
China closed flat bar
"These falling prices are good news for companies because they need to do so in their day-to-day operations. "The most benefit from the industry of the cost is a decline in the car
.In a white paper entitled "The Economic Analysis of the Production of Aluminum Sheet", the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT's) files and archives
", by evaluating the prospects of aluminum plate as a cost
Effective alternative to steel and one-piece design role
"In particular.
, to study the "processing technology and alloy selection" behind it for the automotive industryThen analyze the impact of these factors
.The article emphasizes "aluminum ingot price fluctuation has important influence on sheet price"", published in 2000
Study concluded that "aluminum currently high costs is a feasible alternative to steel
."But in the 12 years since the study began, a lot of changes have taken place and the results have been published

IndeedThe aluminum association
, IncEstimates that in 2009
, 6,228,000,000, or 6228 billion.
Pounds of aluminum used transportation industry as a whole

This number is 28.

1 % aluminium consumptionIt also makes the transportation sector's biggest aluminum in North America market
.As the white paper notes
, "brought the high fixed costs associated with aluminum plate production economies of scale, is conducive to large manufacturing facilities".

Like those who make cars.Couple of propulsion technology development aluminum and reduce the cost of goods and aluminium could become an even more
- in the next few years auto manufacturer for the product requirements
.One of the progress is to be able to use high welding it
Drive the diode laser
. The second welding research white paper studies the fillet weld of the aluminum alloy sheet lap joint."It is found that the production of fillet welded lap joints in industrial use aluminium diode laser is feasible and can be particularly useful hem joint welding vehicle closure panels
."But transportation is not the only industry benefit from falling prices
Domestically, domestically
, containers and packaging, and construction and construction
Relating to transport, accounting for 62% of industrial aluminum usage.
Durable consumer goods
, electrical
, mechanical equipment and other aspects of the use of aluminum throughout the country, while exporting aluminum accounts for the rest

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