aluminum panels Aluminum Sheet: A Detailed Study

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Aluminum has a wide range of versatile image quality-ability, the corrosion resistance and machinability
, light weight and easy

We have aluminum composite plates.Aluminum foil,
, aluminum sheet
, aluminum plate using these different purposes
.Aluminum and aluminum plates are valuable resources for modern industry.

It has a wide range of applications in various industries.From the air transport to the decoration
, we use aluminum plate and sheet.
. Besides, all of these are important elements of the car
, packaging
, buildingsAnd heavy machinery
And aviation industry
You can find that aluminum plates are widely used in the automotive industry and the food and beverage industry.Food packaging and production equipment is second to none
Cooking utensils and other household appliances.BesidesAluminum is widely used in construction and housing industry.
We saw in the form of the roof
This class, wall panel, and a lot of things
.Manufacturing process;
When aluminum is transferred between rollers under high pressure, it will be thin
Stronger, longer.In different pressure and heat
, the formation of different types of aluminum plates
, sheet and foil.The aluminum alloy sheet is available
.This is according to
, stamping and rolling, in order to produce all kinds of equipment and equipment, used for body parts.
.When the sheets 1100 specified symbol
And it's the perfect choice for fuel tanks., cowlings, and oil tank
The power of this is not an important factor
Economy, pay more attention to weight and corrosion resistance.
.: alloy 3003 equals 1100For the same purpose is to manufacture and repair leather shoes and tanks
Add a small amount of magnesium aluminum alloy is better than 1100.
.Heavy alloy 2014
Responsibility for forgings
, plates, bodiesAnd extrusion.These are the design of aircraft parts
, wheelsAnd the main structural components
This alloy is widely used in various occasions.
It with high strength and hardness
.: limited use of alloys in 2017Mainly used for rivet.
.• 2024 alloy can be used with or without aluminized coating using rivets
, structure,
, Hardware, and machine screw products. BesidesIt has other structural applications
2025 is used in the manufacture of the propeller blade
.Alloy 2219 is advantageous to the manufacture and repair of the tank
, aircraft housingsAnd other structural components
It is designed for high fracture toughness
And .

Stress resistant corrosion cracking

And, in addition to the 5052 alloy
, 5056 and 6061 for fuel, hydraulic and oil
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