aluminum panels Aluminum Frame Trade Show Displays

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
In the past few years,, heavy- power particieboard and cabinet
- on the basis of the display monitor has lost its appeal, and to make way for the next display system innovation.
- the truss display system
. TodayThe exhibit will select a shelf system if a large number of exhibits are to be displayed without the cost and cost of assembly

The problem
Display system, the use of materials, such as cabinets and laminate panel to create a larger island display thousands for each cost exhibitors only in transportation and assembly costs
Is the most important thing
, constantly assemble and tear-The breakdown of these systems will let themScratching, beat
- a few years later
.The solution
TodaySystem is still widely used, and composite panel and requirements
A new type of aluminum frame display can be reduced.Expensive alternative
These systems
, functional, and provide all facilities of layer board system
Including shelvingOverhead lighting,
And storage
In addition
, these systems provide multi-function and compelling visual options, including a backlight graphics.
, tension fabric graphics and areas for plasma screen and computer demonstration.How to maximize your budget
As a substitute for heavier wood displays, aluminum showed lighter weight
The ship, make its cost is much lower
. In addition,, a lot of aluminum box shows the assembly tools don't need
Save money,
-up costs.
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