aluminum panels Aluminum Fence Pricing

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Aluminum fences are priced according to their taste and styleFence residential use lighter meter, so the price is lower than industrial grade fence
. HoweverBecause residential fence is more decorative than industrial fence.
Customers need to pay design and finish
.The 4 'door for residential use can be purchased at a base price of about 185 yuanEach additional feet high, the price will rise about $15.
-$20The height of the arch door 4 will spend about $325
An arched door, the price difference between a non arched door is due to the process and materials used to make the door
.The use of more decorations on the gate may further increase the price.Depending on the choice of accessoriesThe cost of the accessories range from $1
.00 eachExclusive accessories can also, but the price is higher
.If you are looking for a cost effective fence
You can buy separate panels and posts and assemble them yourself.The panel from $50
Each, can be as high as $90
.00, depending on the sizePosts of the door began to $25
.00The price increases as the volume increases.Accessories such as latch
, hingesSometimes, such as free buy in large quantities
These parts are generally price per piece, can according to demand to buy
Fans feel that this feature is useful?
.Quality characteristics, such as minimum ultimate strength 35,000 psiWith stainless steel assembly
, corrosion resistant screwsIs likely to push up prices
But these functions will make the fence worth the money
. Pay attention to small details such as screw or fastener head paint to match the completion fence or complete powder.Coated parts price is also different
Some rails used in aluminum fence with the additional internal joke, increase the strength and stiffness of the fence boards
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