aluminum panels Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
I recently made myself in this situationMy wife and I moved into a new rental home, with no window of any form of treatment
We have a large sliding glass door, tourists can see San Diego bay.
At noon the sun into our living room is almost blind

I want to keep this view, but limit the building of sunlight and heat.- in these time
.With my limited interior decoration skills and experience this problem my first reaction was to buy vertical blinds
They work very well
They look pretty good and are generally affordable.

My wife wants something different, which forces us to do some research on possible options.This is what I found
:I found the first option is the panel tracks the shutters.
Panel shutters
, or sliding panel
There are a variety of materials, including transparent materials.Screen, solar
Material -
And .

This option limits the accumulation of heat.But still allows a decent view

Panel tracks are a bit like vertical blinds, but the panels are much wider, rolling or sliding on aluminum tracksThey provide a contemporary look.
, this is definitely a vertical blinds
But they're kind of expensive
, especially the rent
.The second option is vertical, pure shadowI don't think many people know what is pure color
Especially vertical transparent lampshadeThese colors are hybrids
- between solar sunglasses and vertical blinds
. These panels are sandwiched between two transparent fabric panels.They almost like pure in addition to vertical pane you can close the curtain inside the material more privacy
This type of shadow with horizontal panel
, I think this is more common usage.
But they're more expensive
-Old vertical blindsAnd .

It was then that I realized I was going to spend a little more money.I think, if we want to stay in the rent for a few years
, it will be worth it
.In my research
I also found that in addition to ethylene, vertical blinds also have different materials.In fact,
You can buy vertical products in the fabric.
Wood, wrong
, cell
, solar panelAluminum,
Select the specific window sun screen is the most suited to my needs and selection of the cell
The choice of more affordable solar vertical.
, although I do like the energy efficiency of vertical will provide in addition to the cells
.At the end of my study,My wife and I narrowed the scope of our choice, our choice to vertical
(solar material
Vertical blinds)
And .

I like them both.

Vertical shadows are more expensive options, but they provide greater flexibility.The darkness, because you can close the vertical lath
Pure vertical blinds is the most cost-effective choice, but did not provide the space choice.
The last
We decided to choose more expensive vertical tones.Because it is just a window
Judgment is
-We made a good choice.Once the installation of our new curtains look good and function very well

If you're looking for a real dark room option,, the shutter is not the right choice, but to the window of the vision and the needs of the minimal room darkening.
They are a great choice, vertical blinds
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