aluminum panels All You Need to Know About Poker Chip Cases

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
The case of protecting and protecting your chipCard and dealer buttons are necessary to protect your investment and provide the necessary security for your chip.The chip will stay safe in the lock and key in the play leaving you to focus on your play.You can quickly determine if any chips are missing after playing sessions when you frame them.There are many styles of poker chip cases,Range of materials and prices.Most chip vendors provide a complete set of cases that are included.Inexpensive,The ready-made plastic chip does not need protection, such a situation may be a simple shoe box, but once you enter the mid-range and better casino-style chip, you should definitely consider a quality lock-in situation.Entry-level carry cases are usually non-lockable chips and provide an easy way to store and carry your game chips.The plastic housing has a dedicated chip housing with the lowest cost but the shortest life span.Lack of security requires constant vigilance against chips in the game.The vinyl case is a step above the plastic case, providing greater protection for the poker chipset.This case is usually a vinyl material covered by wood or plastic.The case may or may not be locked.A major problem with the vinyl case is durability.Chipset 11 with weight of 500.5G poker chips are close to 20 pounds and place considerable pressure on carrying situations and handling.The failure mode of most vinyl cases is that the handle is separated from the case due to weight.The metal case is the most common and popular poker chip carrying case.Most metal shells are made of structural aluminum in a wide range of styles and prices.The quality of the metal case varies greatly, so it is important to compare shops and choose wisely.Some metal shells are not all metal, and there may be plastic plates and components in the building.Some cannot be locked.Others have sharp horns.Very light metal sheet will not last for a long time.The ideal medal case is all metal of medium weight (Aluminum preferred)Reinforcement construction is added to key stress areas with keying locks to ensure chip safety.The best all metal case is made of aircraft quality aluminum with removable flocking chip tray,High safety barrel lock,Machined from solid handle fittings and hinges.This case is top-notch-of-the-The wire is in the metal housing and corresponding to the most expensive chip housing.Another chip box option is the quality wooden case for custom brass fittings.Wooden cases can form the main splurge of low-end pine models in many styles and price ranges,Carved exotic wood inlaid precious metals are handmade by the owner cabinet manufacturer.The most affordable wooden box was built by pine trees.mahogany,Oak and other hard woods,The best features of quality construction and completion,Heavy duty handle and hinge,The keyboard lock and the removable chip tray are fitted well.Like all cases.Wooden cases have a variety of qualities and prices suitable for these qualities.
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