aluminum panels All About Motors

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
The purpose of the motor is to provide them with electrical energy from power to mechanical energy.More types of this type depend on the force that is used to provide power to move and operate machines in industrial and robotic control boards.The main interaction that produces this conversion in the motor is the magnetic field and winding current from the engine.The main part of the motor.The motor has different parts to help it achieve its purpose, as these elements discussed above participate in the interaction between this magnetic field and winding current.· Rotor:This is the rotating part of the motor.It moves the shaft to create mechanical power.It is mainly equipped with electric conductors carrying current,It acts on the magnetic field in the motor to generate the force of the rotary axis.· Stator:This is an unmovable inner lining part that is electrically charged and laminated with metal plates to prevent energy loss.The stator is equipped with winding or fixed magnets.· Bearings:These help the rotation of the rotor to avoid friction and facilitate the smooth completion of 360-Rotation of the rotor.They are contained in the outer motor housing;Air gap:This is the space between the rotor and the stator;This distance is important because it determines the efficiency and power consumption of the motor.This space needs to be small to increase the magnetic force, not too little, causing friction and noise.· Windings:These are the laminate that wraps the magnetic core.They can be made differently depending on the manufacturer's preferences such as aluminum coils or copper.There are two main types of motors,And these are all brought about by their power supply.that is,AC motor DC motor.DC represents DC, while AC represents communication.Under these two main coursesThere are more types depending on their features and how they operate.Conclusion.The primary problem with purchasing a motor is its operating efficiency and cost.Therefore,In-depth research is the essence before buying, and it is also necessary to be familiar with the methods to maintain them.
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