aluminum panels All About Double Glazing

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Double or double glass to prevent energy lossA house is made up of different materials
These materials have their own purposes, according to their characteristics and the service.
Make your house more efficient energy transmission should be controlled
.The main sources of transfer are doors and windows, should check efficiency
Doors and Windows profile
(Kommerling profile
, ProfineProfile &;; Smart Aluminum System) and panels are energy efficientThe highest area in a door or window is covered by glass is vital, glass does not transfer energy
Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the double deck glass apparatus.
.Double glazing unit is made up of two glass table
There are inflatable between double deck glass table
Usually filled with argon.This unit is made up of two 4 mm glass table consists of 16 mm or 20 mm gap
.The smaller the higher the electrical conductivity of the heat energy gap
This gap is full of inert gases or inert gases such as argon., krypton and xenon

Commercial filling of argon in the gap to separate two pieces of glass as a non-conductive medium for thermal energy.Then these glass components from the peripheral seal up, make it airtight.
These double glazing unit installed in the Windows and doors, make them more effective and installation of external or internal beads in the window and door
.Keep at room temperature and by double deck glass or double hollow glass and energy saving
.Double glazing;
Windows and doors are made of pvc., PVCu, uPVC, plastic, hardwood
, composite materials and aluminium materials.
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