aluminum panels Aircraft Structural Design

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
The successful aircraft design uses a high-balance hybridTechnical materials,Structural progress,And traditional design know-how.Aircraft shapes are now optimized for all body parts using computational fluid dynamics.The percentage of resistance can be reduced by calculating fluid dynamics.Airbus A380,for example,Its sheer scale,its double-Decker configuration and rich new materials,Such as glare and enhanced thermoplastic.The plane also has carbon-fibre-Strengthen the plastic frame in the tail cone section and,Never used in aircraft design before.Welded to the lower fuselage.Design service objectives are usually set in advance.Advanced aluminum alloy forming half-Monochrome structure of the fuselage,The skin is chemically ground or processed to reduce weight.GLARE,"GLAss-Reinforced fiber metal laminate FML,For the main skin of the front and tail parts of the upper and outer body-deck level.The welded sling panel is used for the fuselage part below the main deck floor.Stress analysis of aircraft.Stress must be calculated for aircraft structure design.They are common around doors and Hatch,Wing root zone,Nose and center bodyIn other words,Pressurized area.In the A380,Fuselage with flight deckCrew rest area,Electronic Bay,Welded longitudinal strings with passenger gate No. 1.The application of composite materials in aircraft structure design is increasing day by day.Primarily,The structure of aerospace composites is to save weight.In the A380,A huge belly cowl is formed by a series of sandwich panels made of Nomex honeycomb and mixed epoxy skin.The aluminum sub-structure supporting these panels helps to transfer the main structure of the fuselage between some fuselage loads to the rectifier and the deformation of the support structure of the abdominal fairing.A dome-shaped carbon-fibre-Reinforced Plastic rear-The pressure bulkhead separates the tail part from the rest of the aircraft.The physically smaller structural bits can be the most complex aircraft components.Loaded frames,Accessories that support a large vertical tail,It is processed by high-strength aluminum alloy,while weight-The resin transfer mold is saved for the frame with less load.Titanium rear rectification cover-Facing the APU exhaust,The compartment itself is lined with a firewall made of titanium plates.So,It is a combination of accumulated knowledge of existing materials and their performance, and is a complex combination of designer skills and now constitute state-of-the-art passenger planes.Massive wings,Each supporting two engine towers now has a long way from the concept of aluminum reels.
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